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Green Hills Software Enables Rapid Development of Automotive Infotainment Applications for Freescale Media5200 Platform

Reference Platform Supports Most Widely Used Infotainment Middleware,
Provides Ability to Safely and Securely Run Linux Applications

Livonia, MI, Telematics Update—May 16, 2005
Green Hills Software, Inc., the technology leader in embedded software development tools and real-time operating systems, today announced a software reference platform for the new Freescale Semiconductor Media5200 Multimedia Development Platform. Green Hills Software’s Infotainment Reference Platform provides Media5200 developers with an integrated starting point on which to base their applications, including a royalty-free operating system, essential Infotainment middleware, device drivers for Media5200 peripherals, and the ability to safely and securely run applications developed for the Linux operating system. By significantly reducing integration time, the Infotainment Reference Platform enables developers to get Infotainment products to market faster while allowing them to focus development efforts on innovation and differentiating capabilities.

Green Hills Software is demonstrating its Infotainment Reference Platform for the Media5200 at Telematics Update in Livonia, Michigan, May 16-17, 2005,
in booth 38.
“With Green Hills Software’s Infotainment Reference Platform, software developers can easily take advantage of the rich multimedia and telematics capabilities of our Media5200,” said Arnand Ramamoorthy, general manager of Freescale’s infotainment, multimedia and telematics business. “In addition, with security enhancement capabilities of the INTEGRITY RTOS, infotainment system suppliers can provide the connectivity and advanced features consumers crave, while delivering the reliability and safety that automobile manufacturers require.”

“The combination of the Freescale Media5200 and Green Hills Software’s Infotainment Reference Platform gives system developers a significant head-start in their development,” added Dan Mender, director of business development at Green Hills Software. “With our integrated hardware and software solution, Green Hills Software and Freescale are accelerating the introduction of next-generation infotainment applications.”

Green Hills Software’s Infotainment Reference Platform is a highly scalable solution that can be optimized for the functionality, security and cost requirements of a broad variety of automotive applications. Components available for the reference platform include:

Royalty-free Real-Time Operating System
The Infotainment Reference Platform is supported by both of Green Hills Software’s royalty-free embedded real-time operating systems (RTOS): the INTEGRITY RTOS and velOSity microkernel.

The INTEGRITY RTOS has unmatched reliability and security credentials, essential for protecting multi-function and connected infotainment systems from bugs, hackers and viruses. The INTEGRITY RTOS is the only commercially available, partitioned operating system that has been used in applications certified by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to the highest level required for flight-critical avionics systems. It has also been designed into systems for the U.S. government that require the highest level of security certification.

The velOSity microkernel is small and fast, for cost-sensitive and resource-constrained applications. Software developed for the velOSity microkernel can be upgraded to the INTEGRITY RTOS with no source code changes.

Infotainment Middleware and Device Drivers
Green Hills Software has partnered with leading automotive suppliers to assemble and integrate the reference platform with Media5200 hardware and devices. Available capabilities include:
  • Sophisticated 2D and 3D graphics based on the OpenGL standard
  • Support for the on-board Fujitsu CoralP 3D graphics chip
  • Support for Global Positioning System (GPS) localization, navigation and mapping
  • Text-to-speech
  • Bluetooth
  • Voice processing—speech recognition, echo cancellation and noise reduction
  • CD and MP3 decoding
  • Navigation Applications
  • Support for Media Oriented System Transport (MOST)
  • Support for Controller Area Network (CAN) interfaces
  • Internet and 802.11 wireless (WiFi) connectivity
  • USB Host stack and various class drivers (mass storage, keyboard, mouse hub,..)
Padded Cell Support for Linux
Green Hills Software’s Padded Cell software allows Linux applications to run safely within a secure partition of the INTEGRITY RTOS. The enables application developers to include Linux-based software—such as Web browsers, media players and games—into rear-seat entertainment systems without compromising the reliability, security and real-time performance of the rest of the system.


Green Hills Software’s Infotainment Reference Platform for the Freescale Media5200 is scheduled for availability in July from Green Hills Software. Contact Green Hills Software for early access.

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