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The following papers provide in-depth technical content prepared by Green Hills Staff.

Safety-Critical  Degraded Visual Environment Solutions Enabled by the INTEGITY-178 tuMP RTOS
Virtualization  Tech Note: Hypervisors solve all your software partitioning issues. Or don't they?
Safety-Critical  Tech Note: Embedded Hypervisors Fall Short of INTEGRITY-178 tuMP for Security and Multicore Features
Safety-Critical  Application Note: Safety-Critical Battery Management
Safety-Critical  Secure Virtualization for Real-Time Military Embedded Systems
Safety-Critical  Zero Trust and Beyond for Embedded Systems
Safety-Critical  Tech Note: Use Cases for Multiple Module Schedules in Avionics
Safety-Critical  Creating a Trusted Embedded Platform for MLS Applications
Medical  Building Safety and Security into Connected Medical Devices
Safety-Critical  An Open Letter to Safety-Critical Systems Developers Regarding Wind River Helix
Safety-Critical  Tech Note: Multicore IMA Requires Multicore Interference Mitigation
Safety-Critical  Solving Multicore Interference for Safety-Critical Applications
Safety-Critical  Tech Note: Connecting Safety-Critical Applications Easily and Securely using Open Standards
Safety-Critical  Optimal Multicore Processing for Safety-Critical Applications
IoT  Internet of Things: Challenge and Opportunity
IoT  The Target Breach A Case Study in Blocking RAM Scraper Malware
IoT  Heartbleed and Embedded Security
Virtualization  INTEGRITY Secure Virtualization as a Vehicle for GPL Isolation
Security  Bringing Security to Android-based Devices
Virtualization  The Emergence of the Mobile Multivisor
Security  The Gold Standard for Operating System Security: SKPP
Security  Secure Separation Architecture
Security  Next Generation Secure Mobile Devices

Media Coverage


16-Apr-2024  Integrated platform for real-time applications  | Hanser Automotive

11-Apr-2024  Triumph Group picks Green Hills real-time operating system (RTOS) for safety-critical helicopter avionics  | Military & Aerospace Electronics

4-Apr-2024  Green Hills Software and NXP Semiconductors collaborate on vehicle software platform to support SDV development  | Automotive Testing Technology International

29-Mar-2024  Automotive Memory Trends, Software Virtualization, & Embedded Vision  | EE Times


23-Dec-2023  Trusted computing for national defense  | Military & Aerospace Electronics

13-Oct-2023  Operating in degraded visual environments  | Military Embedded Systems

17-Aug-2023  Trace-Techniken verstehen  | Elektronik

11-Aug-2023  Hypervisors solve all your software partitioning issues. Do they really?  | Embedded.com

8-Aug-2023  Safety-critical lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries management for military and aerospace applications  | Military & Aerospace Electronics


2-Dec-2022  Securing military GPS and PNT systems  | Military Embedded Systems

20-Oct-2022  What's the Difference in Security Between Virtual Machines and Containers?  | Electronic Design

22-Mar-2022  Looking Ahead to Safe and Secure Software Development  | Electronic Design

11-Feb-2022  Zero trust for military embedded systems  | Military Embedded Systems

19-Jan-2022  Apex.AI and ROS: Growing Automotive Impact  | EE Times

6-Jan-2022  CES 2022: Green Hills Software safety solution for BMW iX, plus eSync OTA  | Embedded.com


6-Dec-2021  Mehr Sicherheit fu_r vernetzte Fahrzeuge (More safety for connected vehicles)  | Hanser Automotive

9-Nov-2021  Applying zero trust principles to embedded systems  | Military & Aerospace Electronics

5-Nov-2021  Tata Elxsi, Green Hills Software Partner on AUTOSAR-Compliant DMS Platforms  | EE Times India

9-Sep-2021  Green Hills Software delivers RTOS for military M-code GPS ASIC  | Embedded.com

8-Jun-2021  New Multicore Cockpit Display Earns Design Assurance Level A Regulatory Approval  | Aviation Today

28-Apr-2021  Service Orientated Architectures Pitch for OTA Security  | TU Auto

12-Apr-2021  PU-3000 Achieves Multicore Processor Industry First for Commercial Avionics Systems  | Aviation Today

29-Mar-2021  Green Hills helps usher-in new era of safety-critical real-time software for multicore jetliner avionics  | Military & Aerospace Electronics

18-Mar-2021  Yay! Finally! A way to secure the supply chain!  | EE Journal

3-Mar-2021  Raise the Bar: Demanding Cybersecurity Excellence for Cross Domain Solutions in the Battlespace  | Modern Integrated Warfare

16-Feb-2021  Be Prepared for Remote Work  | Electronic Design

27-Jan-2021  Challenges of Risk Management Framework for cyber security and trusted computing in embedded computing  | Military & Aerospace Electronics

12-Jan-2021  Micro hypervisor targets automotive microcontrollers  | Electronic Design

6-Jan-2021  The essentials of trusted computing and cyber security  | Military & Aerospace Electronics


16-Dec-2020  Cyber security robustness of an embedded computing system with trusted computing measures built-in  | Military & Aerospace Electronics

7-Dec-2020  The hypervisor advantage  | New Electronics

24-Nov-2020  How Will a New Real Time Operating System Improve US Army Helicopters?  | Aviation Today

8-Oct-2020  Creating a trusted platform for embedded security-critical applications  | Military Embedded Systems

2-Oct-2020  Software Considerations for Heterogeneous Arm Cores in Safety-Critical Applications  | Embedded Computing Design

27-Aug-2020  Navy asks Northrop Grumman to build 228 avionics mission computers for AH-1Z Viper and UH-1Y helicopters  | Military & Aerospace Electronics

3-Jun-2020  Combating Evolving Security Threats  | New Electronics

2-May-2020  Safety and Security Impratives of Digital Transformation  | ARC Advisory Group

4-May-2020  FAA, EASA Clarify Avionics Mandates to Meet Cybersecurity Challenge  | Avionics International

16-Mar-2020  Certifying embedded COTS software for military systems  | Military Embedded Systems

18-Mar-2020  How suppliers can use motorsport to drive future mobility development  | Automotive World

14-Mar-2020  Multi-Core Interference Can Increase Avionics Execution Times Tenfold, Green Hills Software Says  | Avionics International

10-Mar-2020  Northrop Grumman's E-2D, F-22 Embedded GPS System Upgrade to Run on INTEGRITY-178 RTOS  | Avionics International

14-Feb-2020  What's the Difference Between an Embedded Hypervisor and Separation Microkernel with Virtualization?  | Electronic Design


5-Dec-2019  Green Hills RTOS also installed in Formula E racing cars (Japanese)  | EE Times Japan

26-Nov-2019  Early detection of defects in next-generation vehicles at the simulation level (Japanese)  | Monoist

26-Nov-2019  Vehicle Hacking - The New Data Security  | CPO Magazine

19-Nov-2019  Milestone in abstracting the hardware: Realizing the promise of FACE  | Military Embedded Systems

18-Nov-2019  Multicore-Determinismus fur sicherheitskritische Anwendungen (Multicore determinism for safety-critical applications  | Elektronik Praxis

11-Oct-2019  Optimized virtualization for embedded computing  | Military Embedded Systems

30-Sep-2019  Keeping your connected vehicle safe from software hackers  | Freight Waves

17-Sep-2019  Does the connected car pose a threat to a connected life?  | Automotive World

18-Sep-2019  Multicore interference mitigation for Armv8-A cores  | Electronics Specifier

10-Sep-2019  Northrop Grumman will upgrade the mission computers aboard U.S. Marine Corps AH-1Z and UH-1Y helicopters  | Military & Aerospace Electronics

15-Jul-2019  Mahindra Racing partners with Green Hills Software for EV electronics system  | ET Auto

27-Mar-2019  Securing safety-critical software for avionics and other mission-critical systems  | Military & Aerospace Electronics

14-Mar-2019  Keep it simple, keep it safe: The importance of lean software for secure vehicles  | Automotive World

13-Mar-2019  Best in Show awards selected at Aerospace Tech Week  | Military Embedded Systems

7-Mar-2019  Optimizing multicore architectures for safety-critical applications  | Military Embedded Systems

1-Mar-2019  Keep 'Em Separated  | EE Journal

20-Feb-2019  Cadence and Green Hill Software announce strategic partnership  | New Electronics

19-Feb-2019  Cadence and Green Hill Software announce strategic partnership to accelerate embedded system safety and security  | Automotive World

13-Feb-2019  Multicore-OS INTEGRITY-178 tuMP nach FACE Technical Standard v3.0 zertifiziert (Multicore OS INTEGRITY-178 tuMP certified to FACE Technical Standard v3.0)  | Elektronik Praxis

10-Jan-2019  Next-generation automotive cockpits  | New Electronics