Green Hills Platform for Avionics

Green Hills Software products are the leading choice for the avionics industry. The company's full line of safety and security critical products are being used in almost every current and next-generation aircraft, including: the Airbus A380, Boeing 777, Boeing 787, Lockheed Martin F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, F/A-22, Eurofighter Typhoon, Lockheed Martin F-16, Bell Helicopter UH-1Y and AH-1Z helicopters (on the Northrop Grumman mission computers), the Textron RQ-7B Shadow UAS (on the Rockwell-Collins mission computer), and more.

The proven provider of safety & security solutions

DO-178B Level A Certified RTOS, Certified POSIX IEEE 1003.13, MILS-Compliant, EAL 6+ Safety Critical software - Green Hills Software

Green Hills Platform for Avionics combines the INTEGRITY-178 RTOS with support for aviation industry standard ARINC 653-1 application software interface, and the documentation required for FAA safety certification. INTEGRITY-178 has proven iteself many times by being certified to this top safety-critical level in multiple applications. It is now the leading RTOS choice for the avionics industry for current and next generation aircraft.

The list of avionics suppliers that have selected Green Hills Software solutions is the who's who for this industry and includes: BAE Systems, Boeing, CMC Electronics, EADS, General Electric, Honeywell, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Rockwell Collins, Smiths Aerospace, and others.

Absolute reliability: time and memory-partitioned RTOS

INTEGRITY-178 RTOS, ARINC-653, DO-178B Level A, safety-critical

For safety and security critical applications, Green Hills offers a choice of real-time operating systems: INTEGRITY, INTEGRITY-178, and ARINC-653-2 part 1. These provide absolute reliability for your embedded applications, allowing multiple applications to safely and securely operate on the same embedded computer.

Memory partitioning prevents one application from accessing or corrupting another application's memory or data. Time partitioning prevents a low criticality application from stealing CPU time away from high criticality applications on the same computer. Applications can be deployed at multiple safety levels and new applications can be seamlessly added over time.

In-house certification expertise

Since 1997, a dedicated group at Green HIlls Software has focused on safety and security software solutions for platform and application development. As a proven provider of software and certification solutions, this group has handled the risks associated with operating systems, run-times, common service libraries, and the development tool-chain. With a broad product line that spans different processors and certification types, Green Hills Software has repeated demonstrated its capabilitiy for managing these risks.

Proven pedigree

arinc-653, rtca, do-178b, eal 6+, skpp

The INTEGRITY-178 RTOS has earned its pedigree through a unique combination of powerful capabilities:

  • A single partition-supporting operating system that satisfies both DO-178B Level A safety asssurance requirements and NSA High Robustness security functional and assurance requirements
  • Proven in real-world customer applications since 1997 with over 60 certification packages developed for more than 30 different microprocessors delivered to date
  • The first commercial partion-enforcing RTOS approved as complying to DO-178B Level A objectives (2002)
  • The first RTOS to obtain SKPP/EAL 6+ certification (2008)
  • Highly scrutinized RTOS souce code—perhaps the most scrutinized to date

Complete safety-critical line

sikorrsky S-92, INTEGRITY-178. ARINC 653, DO-178B, SKPP

Green Hills Software offers a full line of safety and security critical products that are available with complete DO-178 Level A certification evidence.

  • INTEGRITY-178—a complete time, space, and resource partitioned real time operating system (RTOS)
  • ANSI C Library—an ANSI C Library subset
  • Embedded C++—a C++ Library subset
  • GMART—a single-tasking Ada run-time based on the SPARK Ada profile
  • GSTART—a multi-tasking Ada run-time based on the Ravenscar Ada profile
  • GMART Bare Target—an Ada bare target run-time, used with GMART
  • GCERT Bare Target—a C bare target run-time, used with the ANSI C Library
  • ARINC-653—ARINC-653 compliant Part 1 APEX interface and Part 2 file system
  • PJFS-178—a file and directory management system and user interface supporting physical and virtual storage devices
  • IPFLITE/TFTP—UDP/IP network stack and socket library interface, including support for TFTP capabilities
  • Audit Logging—logging and retrieval of kernel and application triggered events during RTOS execution
  • Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA-1)—verifies integrity of ELF images at RTOS startup and during run-time
  • Abstract Machine Testing—verifies correct operation of hardware at RTOS startup and during run-time