AdaMULTI, debugger, Ada language, compiler, safety-critical, MILS Integrated Development Environment

The AdaMULTI IDE brings the industry-leading debug and development tools of Green Hills MULTI IDE to Ada developers. For decades customers have used our tools and Optimizing Compilers to dramatically improve their debugging productivity. The result? A more reliable product, brought to market more quickly, with lower development costs.

Comprehensive development toolbox

AdaMULTI, debugger, MULTI IDE, embedded, Ada

The AdaMULTI Project Manager offers tabbed block diagram and memory layout views for at-a-glance understanding of application structure. Click here for a larger view.

AdaMULTI distills almost three decades of debugging expertise into a comprehensive embedded software development toolbox that provides all the capabilities you need to create reliable software efficiently. With tools from Green Hills Software you can:

  • Fix bugs faster
    Our revolutionary Debugger is designed to quickly solve problems that stump traditional tools. For those bugs that use to take weeks to track down, the TimeMachine tool suite helps you solve the same problems in hours or even minutes.
  • Find bugs automatically
    DoubleCheck, our integrated static analyzer, saves time and money by identifying programming errors before running your program. Run-time error checking complements DoubleCheck by finding bugs that cannot be identified by static analysis alone.
  • Prevent new problems
    Clean coding conventions prevent you from introducting new bugs with overly compex code.
  • Make sense of complex systems
    Tools suchs as the OSA Explorer, EventAnalyzer, and Target List provide a scalable view of an entire system, from an all-inclusive, holistic level down to each register bit or machine instructions.
  • Spend more of your time designing
    A simble build configuration and seamlessly integrated tools free you to spend more time developing. The Builder significantly reduces project development overhead by seamlessly integrating project manager, editor, flash programmer, and instruction set simulator functions.

Safety-critical support

The entire family of Green Hills Software's safety critical run-time products are supported by the AdaMULTI software development environment. Tightly integrated with INTEGRITY-178 tuMP and the bare target Ada run-times, AdaMULTI automates all aspects of embedded, safety-critical software development.

AdaMULTI features Ada and C/C++ compilers, a source-level symbolic debugger, and an automated program Builder. AdaMULTI also provides a version control system, the EventAnalyzer, a code performance and coverage profiler, a source code navigation and cross reference browser, a language sensitive editor, dependency and call graph displays, a processor-specific/INTEGRITY-178 tuMP simulator, and unit test tools. AdaMULTI also provides the embedded industry's most robust and comprehensive set of debugger-to-processor connectivity options including: serial, ethernet, In-Circuit-Emulators, processor probes, and JTAG/BDM interfaces.

Ada development environment

AdaMULTI debugger, browser, embedded, safety-critical,

The AdaMULTI Debugger's windows simplify complex debugging tasks, reducing most to a single mouse click. Click here for a larger view

AdaMULTI contains a true Ada and C++ development environment with Ada and C++ support seamlessly integrated at every level. AdaMULTI's source-level debugger:

  • evaluates both Ada and C++ expressions
  • understands both Ada package and C++ namespace resolution, overloaded function resolution, copy constructors, and coercion operators
  • automotically mangles/demangles Ada and C++ names

Casts and coercions are performed implicitly and ambiguities regarding overloaded operators and functions are automatically resolved. AdaMULTI is fully aware of the complex features of both Ada and C++ languages. This makes is unnecessary to mentally translate Ada and C++ constructs into the mechanisms used by the compiler. AdaMULTI can also call C++ member functions from the command pane.

Lower production costs

You don't always need a faster processor to meet increasing performance requirements. Our superior compiler optimizations are tuned to get the most out of whatever chip you use. Additionally, our performance analysis tools such as the PathAnalyzer, Profiler, and EventAnalyzer give you a bird's-eye view of where your program is spending its time, helping you to focus your optimization efforts and speed up your application. How much money would you save if you could use a lower-cost processor to meet the same real-time requirements? Or if you could release a new product without having to produce a new hardware platform to run it on?

Not only will improving your application's performance save you money on the processor itself, lower-cost processors operate at lower clock rates and require less power and cooling. Longer battery life makes your product better and cheaper at the same time.

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