Ada Optimizing Compilers

Green Hills Optimizing Ada Compilers

Green Hills Software offers the industry's first, fully validated family of Ada Cross Compilers for real-time targets. Green Hills industrial strength Ada compiler family offers powerful new Ada language features that deliver maximum efficiency and reliability. The Ada Compilers are available for the following runtime implementations:

Tool Chain

Green Hills' Tool Chains consist of a Macro Assembler, Librarian, Linker and Utility Programs. The Macro Assembler assembles compiler-generated or user-coded assembly language files into object files. The Librarian manages object file libraries. The Linker links object files and object file libraries into executable programs.


Green Hills Optimizing Ada Compilers were the first 32-bit embedded compilers to successfully pass the ACATS validation tests, and are conformance certified by the ACAA.
Ada Options

Green Hills Ada contains many specific language options so code can meet specific needs. These options add additional extensions or select aspects of the Ada language which are not defined by the language specification. These options include:

  • Library Directories - Allows additional library paths to be incorporated into the program.
  • Suppress All Runtime Checks - Reduces code size by suppressing all automatic run-time checking including numeric checking.
  • Suppress Numeric Runtime Checks - Reduces code size by suppressing two kinds of Numeric Checks for the entire compilation: divsion_check and overflow_check.
  • Generate Cross Reference - Generates a cross reference listing containing a line-numbered listing, following by a cross reference table.
  • Source Listing - Will generate Always, Only if Errors, or Never source listings.
  • Listing Format - Displays either all source lines, all source lines numbered, and only error lines
  • Diagnostics - Informs the Program Builder what to display in the progress window when building the application. Options include "Suppress Errors", "Suppress Warnings", "Suppress Informative Msgs", and "Suppress Implementation Dependent Msgs."
Ada Features

The Green Hills Ada Compilers implement all of the new enhancements defined in the ANSI/ISO/ IEC8652:1995 Ada specification These include:

  • Object-oriented programming
  • Hierarchical library organization
  • Type extensions of tagged types and child library units
  • New task and synchronization features such as protected types

In addition, the Ada Compilers implement three optional Ada annexes:

  • System Programming Annex (C) -The Systems Programming Annex specifies additional capabilities provided for low-level programming. These capabilities are also required in many real-time, embedded, distributed, and information systems.
  • Real-Time Systems Annex (D) - The Real-Time Systems Annex specifies additional characteristics of Ada implementations intended for real-time systems software. To conform to this Annex, an implementation shall also conform to the Systems Programming Annex.
  • Numerics Annex (G) - The Numerics Annex addresses the particular needs of numerically intensive computing with regards to manipulation of complex numbers (computation and I/O). It also addresses "strict" and "relax" mode of operation to cover both arithmetic and noncomplex elementary functions and random number generation, models of floating point and fixed point arithmetic applicable to "strict" mode, and various model attributes defined which are applicable to the "strict" mode for floating point types.

The Ada Compilers also provide specialized VxWorks and POSIX support that enables Ada tasks to be implemented as either VxWorks tasks or POSIX threads (for self-hosted UNIX applications).

Ada Libraries

Program Library

The Ada Program Library contains all of the information needed to support the separate compilation requirements of Ada. The primary contents of the program C, C++ Compilers and tightly integrated with the AdaMULTI Integrated Development Environment.

Predefined Run-time System Library

The predefined Run-Time System (RTS) Library is provided for use with the Ada Compilers. It contains the language-defined library units and units on which they depend.

True Optimizing Compilers

Optimizations can significantly decrease program size and increase execution speed. Green Hills Ada Compilers typically apply more than 100 optimizations on each program, producing efficient code with a minimal footprint.

Product Availability and Support

The Ada Program Library contains all of the information needed to support the separate Green Hills Optimizing Ada Compilers are available for Sun SPARC/Solaris 2.x and Windows NT/2000/XP hosts for a wide variety of 32- and 64-bit microprocessor families including PowerPC, 68K/ColdFire/CPU32, x86/Pentium, MIPS, SPARC/SPARClite, RAD6000, and RH32.

Green Hills Ada is compatible with the Green Hills Optimizing C, C++ Compilers and tightly integrated with the AdaMULTI Integrated Development Environment.

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