Achieve Total Reliability for your Electronic Products

Our comprehensive range of products and services enable you to achieve the highest reliability for your electronic product. Green Hills Software is the world's leader in embedded software debugging products and high reliability real time operating systems.

A more reliable product earns a good reputation in the market, increasing its sales. It can also be moved into new markets that require higher reliability, further increasing its sales. A more reliable product can be sold for a higher price and it is less expensive to sell, increasing the profits it earns.

Our MULTI Debugger Maximizes Your Reliability

Finding more bugs more quickly will ensure that your product is more reliable when it gets to market. Our MULTI IDE Debugger is the world's most effective embedded software debugging tool. MULTI IDE was the world's first multi-window source level debugger.

We have studied the problems that consume most of an embedded software developer's time. Every feature of our innovative design is focused on quickly resolving one or more nasty debugging problem that plague the users of other embedded software debuggers every day. We have set the pace of innovation in software debugging technology for the last decade. Other vendors never bother to study the debugging process. They just copy features from us or from other less productive debuggers. Their hodge-podge collection of features usually miss the whole point.

When it was released over 40 years ago, the MULTI IDE debugger took the embedded world by storm. MULTI IDE quickly became the world's most popular embedded debugger. Ever since then, Green Hills Software has been the world leader in embedded programmer productivity tools.

If you really want to maximize the reliability of your electronic product, MULTI IDE will amaze you with how easy it is to find your nastiest debugging problems.

Our INTEGRITY RTOS Maximizes Your Reliability

To develop the most reliable electronic product you must start with the most reliable real time operating system

In contrast, our revolutionary INTEGRITY real time operating system automatically detects and identifies, during software development, nearly all of the bugs that would crash, lock up, or corrupt your electronic product, if you used any other RTOS. This enables you to remove the maddening random glitches from your product before you deliver it to customers.

Furthermore, INTEGRITY RTOS directly increases the reliability of your electronic product by preventing the bugs and viruses that remain in your production software from crashing, locking up, glitching, or subtly corrupting your product.

For products that require the highest reliability, only the INTEGRITY-178 tuMP RTOS will do. INTEGRITY-178 is our INTEGRITY real time operating system plus a complete certification package for the Federal Aviation Administration's highest level safety standard: DO-178B/C Level A. Conformance to this standard is mandatory for any product that could cause the catastrophic failure of an aircraft. INTEGRITY-178 is the only high reliability RTOS whose documentation and testing meet the requirements of this extraordinarily strict standard.

Check out how our comprehensive range of products and services maximize your reliability:

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