Slash Your Debugging Time

Slashing Debugging Time is Critical to Your Success

Debugging time is the time from your first use of a debugger until your product is sufficiently debugged for volume production. Our comprehensive range of debugging products and services enable you to find many more bugs in much less time, slashing your debugging cost.

Reducing your debugging time is critical to your success, because:

For many years Green Hills Software has been the world leader in embedded software debugging products.

Our INTEGRITY RTOS Slashes Your Debugging Time

Primitive real time operating systems from the 1980's, such as VxWorks and pSOS, can be crashed or subtly corrupted by the smallest inadvertent bug in the most insignificant part of your software written by your least capable programmer.

In contrast, our revolutionary INTEGRITY real time operating system automatically detects and identifies, during software development, nearly all of the bugs that would crash, lock up, or corrupt your electronic product, if you used any other RTOS.

INTEGRITY eliminates the seemingly interminable debugging time required to remove the maddening random glitches from your product that hold up volume production. This shaves months off the typical software development schedule.

Our MULTI Debugger Slashes Your Debugging Time

Most embedded software development managers know that the most time consuming and highest risk part of electronic product development is getting the bugs out of the software. Software "gurus" claim that if software is designed and modeled correctly, debugging will take only a small part of the development schedule. But bitter experience teaches development managers that the only way to reduce debugging time is to use better debugging tools!

Our MULTI Debugger is the world's best debugging tool. MULTI was the world's first multi-window source level debugger. For the last ten years, we have studied the problems that consume most of an embedded software developer's debugging time. Every feature of our revolutionary design is focused on quickly solving the nasty debugging problems that plague the users of other embedded debuggers every day. We have set the pace of innovation in software debugging technology for the last decade. Other vendors never bother to study the debugging process; they just copy features from us or other less productive debuggers. Their hodge-podge collections of features usually miss the whole point.

Ten years ago, the MULTI debugger took the embedded world by storm; MULTI soon became the world's most popular embedded debugger. Since then, Green Hills Software has been the world's leader in embedded programmer productivity tools. If you really want to slash your debugging time, MULTI will amaze you with how easy it makes finding your nastiest debugging problems.

Check out how our comprehensive range of embedded software debugging products and services slash your debugging time: