Time To Market Is Critical To Your Success


Time to Market is the time until your product is sufficiently
debugged that it can be shipped in volume production

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Many 21st century electronic products are run by control programs that consist of hundreds of thousands or millions of lines of software. These programs require development teams of dozens or hundreds of programmers. Programming teams are often much larger than the teams developing the hardware for an electronic product. This makes software development the largest development cost. Embedded control software is so complex that it usually takes longer to develop the software than the hardware. Since the software can't be effectively debugged until the hardware is working, software is inevitably the gating item for product shipment. Furthermore, software schedules are notoriously unreliable. Your product is far more likely to be delayed because of software bugs, crashes, lock ups, or glitches than any hardware problem. In electronic product development, the main challenge is getting the software debugged.

Your Time To Market Determines The Success of Your Product

Each day your product is delayed getting to market is one less day your product will be in the market. If you get to market before your competitors, each day you are delayed to market is one less day to expand your market share with no competition. If your competitors get to the market before you, each day you are delayed to market is one more day for your competitors gobble up market share before you can respond. The final market share of each product in a market is usually determined by the time at which each product achieves volume production.

Your Time To Market Determines Your Rate of Return On Investment

Your Time to Market heavily affects your rate of return on investment because Time to Market is a factor in your rate of return on investment.

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