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Sikorsky S-92 Helicopter Avionics Management System

The INTEGRITY-178 RTOS is a critical component of the Avionics Management System (AMS) developed by Rockwell Collins (now Collins Aerospace) for the Sikorsky S-92 medium-lift helicopter. The AMS not only manages and displays primary flight data and navigation information, but also processes and displays flight management, digital map, weather radar, terrain warning, and engine indication and crew alert system (EICAS) information. The AMS features four Collins’ multifunctional flight displays, including a primary flight display and an EICAS/navigation display for each pilot.

Collins was so pleased with the RTOS, tools, and support provided on the AMS project that they presented Green Hills Software the Preferred Supplier award, which acknowledges significant contributions made by suppliers based upon delivery, cost of ownership, lead time, and customer metrics.

Sikorsky S-92
(Image courtesy Collins Aerospace)

Collins' AMS in the S-92 received FAA technical standard order (TSO) approval in November 2002, and an audit of the certification package verified INTEGRITY-178’s compliance with DO-178B, Level A. The aircraft received Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) type certification in December of 2002. Using INTEGRITY-178, the AMS on the S-92 helicopter was the first system using a COTS operating system to be part of an FAA type certification to DO-178B level A.

When Collins upgraded the multi-function displays for the S-92 in 2014, they again chose the INTEGRITY-178 RTOS. The new MFD-268P2B displays increased processing performance and functionality, condensed packaging, and provided the ability to display graphics and video on a high-performance, color, active-matrix liquid crystal display (LCD). All safety analysis and verification activities for the RTOS were performed by Green Hills Software on Collins’ hardware, enabling the customer to take full credit for the verification results.

The Sikorsky S-92 helicopter is a medium-lift, twin-engine, multi-mission helicopter that evolved from Sikorsky's S-70 US Army Black Hawk and US Navy Seahawk helicopters. The S-92 performs a variety of missions including Search and Rescue (SAR), as well as civilian, government, and VIP transportation. The year the S-92 was fielded, the S-92 industry team received the Collier Award from the National Aeronautic Association in recognition as the "greatest achievement in aeronautics or astronautics in America for the preceding year."

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