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SiFive: RISC-V processors
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SiFive, RISC-V, processors

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RISC-V processors

Product Family Names

SiFive RISC-V Processors, including SiFive Essential™, SiFive Intelligence™, SiFive Performance™, and SiFive Automotive™ families of processors, as well as SiFive HiFive Development Systems.

Product Descriptions

The SiFive Essential family
The SiFive Essential family is a portfolio of processor cores that spans from high-performance multi-core heterogeneous application processors to area-optimized, low-power embedded microcontrollers. SiFive Essential standard core microarchitectures are based on the RISC-V ISA to provide 64-bit and 32-bit options.

The SiFive Performance family
The SiFive Performance family of processors is designed for maximum throughput, while preserving efficiency for workloads as varied as branch-intensive operating system, and multimedia processing. Ranging from 8-stage, dual-issue, in-order architectures equipped with 256-bit vector engines, to advanced out-of-order processors with best-in-class industry benchmark performance, the SiFive Performance Family represents the next wave and future of RISC-V compute.

SiFive Intelligence
SiFive Intelligence is an integrated software + hardware solution that addresses energy efficient inference applications. It starts with SiFive's industry-leading RISC-V Core IP, adds RISC-V Vector (RVV) support, and then goes a step further with the inclusion of software tools and new SiFive Intelligence Extensions, vector operations specifically tuned for the acceleration of machine learning operations. These new instructions, integrated with a multi-core capable, Linux-capable, dual-issue microarchitecture, with up to 512b wide vectors, and bundled with TensorFlow Lite support, are well-suited for high-performance, low-power inference applications.

SiFive Automotive
SiFive Automotive solutions address automotive needs for current and future applications like infotainment, cockpit, connectivity, ADAS, and electrification as the automotive market transitions to zonal architectures and manufacturers are asking for the energy efficiency, simplicity, security, and software flexibility that RISC-V offers. SiFive Automotive family cores provide options that are both area and performance optimized for different integrity levels like ASIL B, ASIL D or split-lock, in line with ISO26262. Automotive products are accompanied by complete safety packages that include documentation to accelerate the SEooC integration and, with it, our customers time-to-market.

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