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Renesas Electronics: Embedded microcontrollers
corporate background

Corporate background

Renesas Electronics offers a full line of products for the embedded marketplace. Working together since the early 1990s, Green Hills Software and Renesas have worked together to provide superior products, reference platforms, and an array of development tools and 3rd party support partners for all the market segments that we target together, including IEC 61508, ISO 26262 and ISO 21434 certified solutions.

Product Names

  • Renesas R-Car family
  • Renesas RA family
  • Renesas RZ family
  • Renesas RH850 family

Product Type

  • Processors and Cores
  • CPU boards

Product Description

R-Car series of Automotive System-on-Chips (SoCs)
Built on ARM® core technology, Renesas’ R-Car SoCs target automotive applications in ADAS and automated driving systems, modern domain controllers and zonal gateways, high performance computing, in-vehicle infotainment, cockpit, driver monitoring, vision and camera systems, and more.

RH850 series of 32-bit Automotive MCUs (including legacy V850 and SuperH MCUs)
Utilizing Renesas’ proprietary architecture, the RH850 MCUs provide a balance between very low power consumption and high performance and include functional safety certified solutions with embedded security features.

RA series of ARM MCUs
Built on ARM® Cortex®-M technology, the Renesas Advanced (RA) family of MCUs offers higher performance coupled with advanced embedded security and ultra-low power consumption compared to other solutions.

RZ series of MPUs
Built on either ARM® or RISC-V technology, the Renesas Electronics RZ family of microprocessors (MPUs) target applications in artificial intelligence, human machine interfaces (HMI) and real-time controls and industrial networking.

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Renesas Electronics Corporation
Toyosu Foresia, 3-2-24 Toyosu, Koto-ku
Tokyo 135-0061, Japan


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