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Web server & network security software

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Product Summary
Real Time Logic delivers fast, enterprise-level security and web functionality on compact, low-power devices that meets today's demand for secure, remote management and control. Highly optimized for embedded devices, Real Time Logic's Barracuda Application Server, Barracuda Web Server, and SharkSSL enable developers to incorporate the latest design and security into web-based applications that offer dynamic, easy-to-use, user-friendly interfaces. These extremely compact tools power a broad range of remote devices in industrial and building control, military, and medical markets. Founded in 2006, Real Time Logic is headquartered in Monarch Beach, CA, and has a worldwide distributor network. For more information, visit

Product Descriptions
Barracuda Application Server
The Barracuda Application Server radically simplifies and shortens the development cycle for devices in need of remote management and/or supervision. In addition to the embedded web server capabilities of Barracuda Web Server, Barracuda Application Server bundles together all the tools needed to create a fast, graphically rich, dynamic web application. The bundle includes C server pages, Lua server pages (built on the very compact, very fast Lua scripting language), event handler, secure network file system, secure sockets library, and SOAP, AJAX, JSON, and XML web services.

To protect all data exchange, Barracuda Application Server includes Real Time Logic's SharkSSL, a compact, fast cryptographic engine. SharkSSL is tailored for the resource-constrained embedded systems and provides many compile time options for multiple features such as speed or size. The cryptographic engine offers a rich selection of cryptographic methods including RSA, symmetric algorithms like 3DES and AES, message authentication, hashing, and pseudo-random number generation and is designed to take advantage of available hardware encryption accelerators to speed application security.

By integrating a suite of device-aware development tools for embedded web application servers, Real Time Logic dramatically saves developers the time previously spent identifying point tools, tailoring them for the reduced memory and footprint, and then integrating them to work compatibly in an embedded system. Barracuda Application Server slashes this development overhead and brings together an industrial-strength embeddable application server engine optimized for embedded devices. The server's plug-in architecture enables anything from simple device control to running a full-fledged application server in a remote device.

The Barracuda Application Server includes:

  • Barracuda Web Server and C Server Pages
  • Lua Server Pages (LSP) including Lua Virtual Machine
  • Barracuda EventHandler
  • SOAP, AJAX, JSON, and XML web services
  • WebDAV server (secure network file system)
  • SMTP mail client library
  • High-level secure sockets library
  • SharkSSL SSL/TLS client/server
  • PikeHTTP client C library and HTTP(S) Lua libraries

Barracuda Embedded Web Server
The Barracuda Embedded Web Server is an advanced server optimized for deeply embedded applications. The Barracuda Embedded Web Server has many advanced features, including its advanced internal HTTP state machine that resembles process scheduling in a real time operating system. The Barracuda Embedded Web Server is the ideal choice for the most demanding of embedded applications.

SharkSSL is an extremely compact yet fully functional embedded client and server SSL/TLS implementation for programmers building security into applications and devices. SharkSSL's transport agnostic API makes it possible to use this product in virtually any embedded device ranging from 8-bit to 64-bit micro-controllers. SharkSSL can be purchased as a standalone product or bundled with the Barracuda Embedded Web Server.

Processors Supported

All processors supported by the INTEGRITY RTOS

Real Time Logic
14 Monarch Bay Plaza, #108
Monarch Beach, CA 92629
ph: 949-388-1314
fax: 949-272-3781


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