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Company Description
Raima is the leading provider of high performance, high availability database solutions for critical real-time applications.

The Raima Database Manager (RDM) products are cross-platform, small footprint, fast and reliable database solutions which are made to Collect, Store, Manage and Move data. RDM has been successfully deployed Worldwide in millions of business critical applications over the past 30 years, providing users with safe and reliable data management solutions for today's complex interconnected devices and applications. Such industries include: industrial automation systems, military flight control systems, telecom routers & switches, financial trading systems, medical equipment, data backup solutions, consumer electronic devices and many more.

All products feature solid and reliable ACID compliant database technology and employ a number of advanced solutions to meet today's complex data management challenges. Examples are moving data from small low-powered embedded devices up into larger enterprise systems, building highly-available database systems, database partitioning support to facilitate data distribution and scalability, and interfaces allowing access to the data from a range of external sources.

Raima Database Manager (RDM) products include options to meet a variety of data management architectural designs by providing a choice of data models and access methods to solve the most stringent performance requirements.

Product Portfolio

  • RDM Mobile is a compact database management system for developers who are creating standalone applications for a smart phone or tablet device. For the iOS platform it has an Objective C API which provides an intuitive and familiar interface for Apple developers. The Plus package includes server functionality.
  • RDM Embedded is a database management system optimized for standalone, lightweight operating systems seen in devices like controllers, routers and integrated systems. It runs efficiently in resource constrained systems with less powerful CPUs and less memory than a PC system. Developers can compile in only what they need to keep application footprint minimal.
  • RDM Workgroup is ideal for standalone and networked applications such as those commonly found in corporate desktop and server environments, or similar configurations.
    The database management system has multiple APIs that provide developers with a great number of programming options and functionality.
  • RDM Server is designed for "enterprise lite" client/server environments with high volumes of traffic and a large number of users. It provides advanced security and server options, and a robust SQL implementation. RDM Server will meet almost any database management system need that you can imagine.

Supported Green Hills Software Products

Raima Headquarters USA
720 Third Avenue, Suite 1100
Seattle, WA 98104
Phone +1.206.748.5300
Fax: +1.206.748.5200)

Raima Headquarters Europe
Stubbings House, Henley Road
Maidenhead, Berkshire, SL6 6QL
Phone +44.1628.826.800
Fax: +44.1628.825.343

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