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QA Systems: Unit testing tool for C/C++
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QA Systems, C language, C++, source code coverage, code analysis

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Unit testing tool for C/C++

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Product Summary

Unit and integration testing of C/C++ with integrated source code coverage analysis and static metrics generation. Certified for safety critical use.

Product Description

Cantata provides a complete test development environment for the creation, execution and analysis of unit and integration tests combined with code coverage analysis on host and embedded target platforms.

Major Features:

  • Highly automated Unit & Integration testing
  • C & C++ for development host and embedded targets
  • Re-usable test harness with automate regression testing
  • Test script generation written in C/C++
  • Unique call interface control to simulate and intercept calls
  • Automatic white-box accessibility
  • Large data sets and robustness testing
  • Automatic generation of complete baseline of unit tests for legacy C code.
  • Most advanced integrated code coverage analysis available for C/C++ and Java.
  • Certified for safety critical use.

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5th Floor Cambridge House North,
1 Henry Street,
Bath UK
phone: +44 1225 321 888
fax: +44 1225 581150
email: sales@qa-systems.com

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