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Clarinox Technologies Pty Ltd

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Embedded software - Wireless middleware – protocol stacks: Bluetooth, RFID, ZigBee, GPRS/3G

Product Summary

A robust middleware with wireless protocol stacks, dynamic debugging capabilities and protocol monitoring, for fast wireless system development on different platforms.

Product Description

ClarinoxSoftFrame provides the key ingredients to handling complex code including multi-threading, timers, critical region protection, inter-process message passing, event handling, cooperative tasking infrastructure, remote procedure call infrastructure, finite state machines and dynamic debug capabilities. Combined with the compactness of the protocol stacks this simplifies the handling of complex functionalities and enables use with a number of architectures.

Users can develop their applications within the MULTI desktop environment utilising SoftFrame infrastructure in order to take advantage of services and tools provided by Clarinox SoftFrame. The user also has the flexibility to develop their application based on any infrastructure while making use of various Clarinox protocol stacks as C/C++ libraries which provide an easy-to-use yet robust API. Furthermore, Clarinox protocol stacks can run as standalone services with which applications can communicate via typical communication means such as Sockets or OS native inter-process communication mechanisms. Safety-critical applications can take advantage of the isolation provided. Moreover, these services may be running on a different processor/machine. This functionality provides an architecture based upon which the Clarinox protocol stacks can be easily employed in emerging state-of-the-art multi-processor designs.

Processors Supported

  • ARM7, ARM9,
  • TI DSP TMS320 55xx, 67xx, 59xx, 644x, OMAP, DaVinci

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Clarinox Technologies Pty Ltd
Suite 28-29, 296 Bay Road
Cheltenham VIC 3192
Tel: +61 3 9095 8088

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