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  • ANSYS Medini®
  • ANSYS Optis VRX®

Product Type

  • Application Software Modeling and Code Generation
  • Co-simulation/Co-verification
  • Graphics/User Interface Software/Hardware

Product Summary

ANSYS and Green Hills Software combine a holistic technology stack for the safety critical market for Embedded Software. ANSYS focuses on System Safety and Cybersecurity, System Simulation and Critical Application Software development.

Product Description

ANSYS SCADE features an integrated architecture and development tool suite for application software that ensures the safety and cybersecurity of the entire system, with certified solutions (ISO 26262, DO-178C, EN 50128, IEC 61508). SCADE certified and automatically generated code integrates with Green Hills Software INTEGRITY RTOS, thus avoiding writing manually the target integration code.

ANSYS is building a comprehensive solution for simulating Autonomous Vehicle miles driven that can accurately test millions of scenarios:

  • Closed-Loop Simulation (with ANSYS Optis VRX): Virtual vehicles in a virtual world, including physics-based simulation of Camera, Radar, Lidar, and Ultrasonic sensors, driven with real AV Software (MIL and HIL testing)
  • Functional Safety and Cybersecurity Analysis (with ANSYS medini): integrated environment to perform all analyses required by Industry Standards (ISO 26262, SOTIF, ARP4761, etc.)
  • Embedded Software Development (with ANSYS SCADE): definition of safe architectures including control logic and neural networks; model-based software development and certified code generation, compliant with Industry Standards (ISO 26262, DO-178C, etc.)
  • Semiconductors Reliability Analysis (ANSYS Redhawk and medini): Complexity, Power Integrity, Thermal Reliability, Noise and Safety analyses
  • Electronics Reliability Analysis (ANSYS HFSS, SIWave, and Maxwell): Electromagnetics, Power and Signal Integrity, Mechanical & Thermal Reliability analyses

ANSYS and Green Hills Software implement vertical solutions for safe and secure multicore-based embedded software development solutions across all industrial verticals (Automotive, A&D, Energy, Industry, Medical...)

Processors Supported

  • All SCADE generated code is processor independent

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2600 ANSYS Drive
Canonsburg, PA 15317
Phone: 1.724.746.3304
Toll-Free: 1.866.267.9724
Fax: 1.724.514.9494

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