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McObject: In-memory database system
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eXtremeDB In-Memory Database System (IMDS) product family

Product Summary

eXtremeDB is an in-memory embedded database with a very small footprint, created explicitly for the unique needs of real time and embedded systems.

Product Descriptions

eXtremeDB In-Memory Database System:
The eXtremeDB In-memory Database System (IMDS) from McObject is the first database management system built from the ground up for the unique needs of intelligent, connected devices. eXtremeDB presents a tiny footprint, sparing RAM and CPU resources while delivering critical data management features, including coordination between multiple threads, fast and flexible navigation methods, and assured data integrity through transactions supporting the ACID properties. eXtremeDB accelerates data management by storing data in main memory. This eliminates file system dependence, including RAM-disk, as well as any latency from copying data from main memory to cache, and to the application location. eXtremeDB stores data in the form native to the host language, so there is no translation overhead from mapping C data elements to non-native representations.

For optimal efficiency, device developers tightly integrate data management and application code. eXtremeDB enhances programming languages used by professional developers (including C/C++, Java, C# and Python), improving productivity and cutting project time. It supports virtually all data types and provides multiple indexing and search methods including exact match hash searches, b-tree indexes, and object-identifier references. A powerful debugging environment further promotes developer productivity.

eXtremeDB High Availability:
Designed to power embedded systems that cannot afford to fail, eXtremeDB High Availability (HA) delivers the highest degree of reliability, along with unsurpassed performance and an ultra-small footprint. Based on a rugged, time-cognizant, two-phase commit protocol, eXtremeDB-HA ensures that the main database and identical hot standby database transactions succeed or fail together. eXtremeDB-HA enables two or more synchronized databases within separate hardware instances through communication channels implemented over standard or proprietary communication protocols.

eXtremeDB Cluster: eXtremeDB Cluster is McObject's distributed real-time database system. It manages databases across multiple hardware nodes, enabling two or more servers to share the workload. It dramatically increases available net processing power, reduces system expansion costs, and delivers a more scalable and reliable database solution.

eXtremeDB Transaction Logging Edition:
Transaction Logging provides recovery capabilities for eXtremeDB databases in the event of device or system failure. When transaction logging is active and enabled for the database, all updates to the data objects are logged to a set of files on disk, or a network device. If the memory content is damaged or destroyed, the exact state of the database is restored by an automatic roll forward procedure.

eXtremeDB Fusion:
McObject's eXtremeDB Fusion is a hybrid embedded database system that combines in-memory and on-disk data storage. This enables developers to optimize applications for speed and persistence, while taking advantage of the most cost-effective and physical space-conserving approaches to data storage (since byte-for-byte, disk storage can be cheaper than memory, and can also take less physical space).

eXtremeDB/rt for Green Hills Software’s INTEGRITY® RTOS is the first (and so far only) commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) real-time database management system that meets the fundamental requirements of determinism and temporal consistency of data. eXtremeDB/rt was designed for use in resource-constrained, mission-critical embedded systems. Its small footprint and frugal use of memory and CPU make it uniquely qualified for these applications.

Processor Architecture Supported

Processor independent

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Company Headquarters

McObject LLC 3309 1st Way South, Suite A-208
Federal Way, WA 98003
Ph: 425-888-8505
Fax: 253-878-5481
URL: http://www.mcobject.com

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