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BAE Systems, CPU Boards, Rugged Boards, BSP, Board Support Packages, Device Drivers, RTOS, Real-time operating systems, Embedded systems

Product Type
CPU boards

Product or Product Family Name
Single Board Computers

Product Summary
The RAD750 is a radiation-hardened single board computer, based on IBM's PowerPC 750. The RAD750 is manufactured by BAE Systems. It is intended for use in high radiation environments such as experienced on-board satellites and spacecraft.

Vertical Markets Targeted
Space based systems
Satellite Signal Processing

Supported Green Hills Products
» Optimizing Compilers
» Green Hills Software TCP/IP stacks and security protocols
» Ada Compiler
» MULTI Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
» Green Hills Probe

BAE Systems Inc.
1601 Research Blvd.
Rockville, MD 20850
Phone: 301.838.6000
Fax: 301.838.6925

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