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Green Hills Expands Support for the Latest Freescale Automotive Processor Families

ISO 26262 ASIL D qualified development tools combine high performance with functional safety for new ARM Cortex and Power Architecture families
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SANTA BARBARA, CA — May 28, 2014 — Green Hills Software, the largest independent software vendor for the Internet of Things, today announced the industry's first combined support for the latest Freescale® Semiconductor automotive processor families the Qorivva® MPC5xxx targeting engine and body applications and the MAC57Dxx family targeting digital instrument clusters. The Green Hills development suite seamlessly spans both the Power Architecture® and ARM® Cortex® architectures with the MULTI® IDE and multicore debugger, optimizing compilers, TimeMachine™ trace suite and processor probes, enabling carmakers and their Tier 1 software developers to lower the cost and complexity of creating software compliant up to ISO 26262 level ASIL D while providing the highest performance and smallest code size in the shortest time for powertrain, hybrid, body and instrument cluster applications.

Broad Range of Freescale's Newest Automotive Processors
Green Hills Software's MULTI development environment is an integrated set of tools optimized for Freescale's broad range of new automotive processors, leveraging CPU-specific features for highest performance and safety. The latest Qorivva MPC57xx product family targets functions hidden from the driver engine control, vehicle dynamics and networking that demand extremely compact code with high performance and stringent safety characteristics. The family ranges from simple, low-cost, single-core controllers up to the latest triple- and quad-core variants all based on Power Architecture e200 cores. In the vehicle cabin, Freescale's new MAC57D5xx family focuses on graphics-rich mid-range instrument clusters utilizing a multicore architecture based on the ARM Cortex-M and Cortex-A processors coupled with the Vivante 2D GPU (OpenVG 1.1), HUD warping engine and integrated stepper motor with powerful I/O processor, where performance, code size and functional safety are also a concern.

"Our latest series of 32-bit MCUs is growing and delivers an innovative range of solutions throughout the vehicle," said Ray Cornyn, vice president of Freescale's Automotive MCU business. "The optimized Green Hills development tools and services fully complement and maximize the capabilities of our latest Qorivva family and the new MAC57D5xx driver information system microcontrollers."

New support from Green Hills
Green Hills continues its leadership in development tools by delivering products qualified to the highest possible ISO 26262 level ASIL D. The complete Green Hills tools environment compilers, multicore debugger, IDE and probes is expanded and enhanced for the Freescale automotive processors in the following ways:

Adding the new Freescale Qorivva MPC5748G and new versions of the MPC5744P, MPC5746M and MPC5777M to the existing MPC57xx family support:

  • C/C++ and Embedded C++ compilers and complete tool chain support for the Power Architecture e200 cores including new saturated math instructions, the code size-reducing VLE instruction set, SPE signal processing unit, enhanced pipeline architecture and other improvements producing up to 32% increased performance on select EEMBC® benchmarks.
  • The SuperTrace™ Probe adds high speed Nexus Aurora serial trace (HSST) to its existing Parallel Nexus trace port option.

Adding the new Freescale MAC57D5xx processor and its three heterogeneous cores — ARM Cortex-A5, Cortex-M4 and Cortex-M0+ — to the broad range of ARM Cortex cores already supported by Green Hills:

  • C/C++ and Embedded C++ compilers and complete tool chain that leverage the Neon media processing engine and floating point units.
  • Multicore run-control and real-time trace debugging with the Green HiIls Probe and SuperTrace Probe utilizing industry-standard CoreSight™ from ARM Ltd.

MULTI 6.1.6, Compiler 2014.1, Green Hills Probe and SuperTrace Probe are available now.

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