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Green Hills Software Launches INTEGRITY Security Services Business Unit

Focus on the Next-Generation of Security and Management for Devices, Software, Networks and Content in the Embedded Industry

SAN JOSE, CA — May 3, 2011 — Embedded Systems Conference, Booth 916 — Green Hills Software, the largest independent vendor of embedded software solutions and the only provider of an EAL6+, High Robustness NSA-evaluated and NIAP-certified real-time operating system (RTOS), today announced its new INTEGRITY® Security Services business unit. With this significant investment, Green Hills demonstrates its commitment to the security and management of devices, software, networks and content in the embedded and special-purpose computing market.

The INTEGRITY Security Services Toolkits, provided by ISS, are based on the Green Hills proprietary Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) compliant Cryptographic Toolkit. The ISS Cryptographic Toolkit meets the latest government standards and also provides the underlying FIPS-compliant cryptographic primitives for use with a comprehensive complement of security protocols. The toolkits are designed to be small, scalable and certifiable by the US Government. Support is available for Windows®, Linux™, VxWorks®, INTEGRITY, INTEGRITY®-178B and general-purpose operating systems on ARM®, Intel®, Power Architecture®, MIPS® and other processor architectures.

Starting with the security toolkits and leveraging all of Green Hills Software's technology, the ISS business unit will deliver complete end-to-end security solutions for devices in all current and emerging markets.

With industry expectations of some 50 billion devices connected to the Internet by 2020, the majority will be embedded devices. Every new connected device will be identified with a unique IP address that becomes a target to be spoofed and attacked. Embedded devices in the automotive, aerospace and defense, industrial control, medical device, mobility, consumer electronics and networking markets will all be connected in some way. This connectivity explosion mandates a focus on securing components, devices, software, networks and data from the smallest embedded component to the largest data center throughout the lifecycle of each embedded device. Embedded operating systems control these ubiquitous computers. The INTEGRITY and INTEGRITY-178B operating systems will be offered with an ISS toolkit and will have reliable and authenticated security software around it to ensure all embedded devices powered by ISS Security Toolkits are secure.

The ISS solutions will focus on addressing:

  • Authentication - the process of ensuring that users, devices and software on a network are correctly identified.
  • Authorization - grants users and devices the right to access resources and perform specified actions.
  • Network Access Control - mechanisms that limit access to the network to authenticated and authorized devices, software and users.
  • Confidentiality - using ciphers to transform data to make it unreadable to anyone except those authorized and authenticated to view the data.
  • Integrity - checking mechanisms are designed to detect unauthorized changes to transmitted data through the lifecycle of a device, software and data.
  • Remote Management - a method to monitor, update and manage remotely manufactured and fielded devices.

"Our Customers are requesting high assurance security solutions as one of their top priorities," said Dan O'Dowd, chief executive officer and founder of Green Hills Software. "With INTEGRITY Security Services solutions and our multi-level secure INTEGRITY-178B EAL6+ certified operating system technology we will be able to secure all layers of all embedded devices."

The Security Toolkits of INTEGRITY Secure Services are available today on a wide variety of microprocessor architectures and operating systems. For the remainder of calendar year 2011, Green Hills Software is offering the ISS Embedded Cryptographic Toolkit to new and existing INTEGRITY and INTEGRITY-178B development licensees at no additional cost for a 12-month period on all currently supported platforms. For projects mandating the latest US Government required encryption algorithms, contact your local Green Hills Sales Representative or email

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