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Although we believe that we offer the best of breed tools for all of your electronic product software development needs, you may prefer to use some tools from another vendor.

Other embedded development tools vendors' closed systems lock you into their real time operating system, compilers, editors, version control, configuration management system, and other embedded development tools. We offer the most open embedded development tools. Our development tools work with most other real time operating systems, communications protocol stacks, compilers, editors, hardware debug probes, version control/configuration management systems, and software design and modeling tools.

The MULTI Open Interface

Our MULTI Software Development Environment provides an open interface that allows users to easily use other tools from within the MULTI Software Development Environment.

MULTI adheres to open standards that enable users to avoid proprietary, closed interfaces:

  • ELF/DWARF standard compiler debugging output
  • Power Architecture EABI standard
  • BDM, JTAG, OnCE on-chip debug interfaces
  • ANSI C, C++

Users can invoke their favorite editors, make systems, and configuration management systems all from within MULTI. Integration with other products is accomplished through MULTI's powerful ability to issue commands to other applications. These commands can be issued from user-customized pull-down menu options or custom action buttons. This flexibility provides an open door to companion applications and command scripts.

Using MULTI avoids the trap of getting locked in with proprietary tools from one ICE, RTOS or chip manufacturer. With MULTI, users can switch to another ICE, RTOS, or target processor without having to retrain personnel, redo make files, or modify source code to account for language variations.

Real-Time Operating Systems

In addition to the INTEGRITY and µ-velOSity real time operating systems, we provide development support for most of the other popular real time operating systems:

  • ThreadX
  • Linux
  • VxWorks
  • OSE
  • In-house
  • Windows
  • Solaris
  • Bare board


In addition to our world leading optimizing compilers, we provide development support for the other popular embedded compilers:

  • Metaware
  • GNU
  • Wind River (Diab)
  • C ABI copliant
  • VisualDSP++

Application Modeling

We provide development support for the most popular software design and modeling systems:

  • 3S Smart Software Solutions
  • Atego
  • Critical Blue
  • Esterel Technologies
  • IBM Rational Rhapsody
  • KW Software
  • Presagis
  • PragmaDev
  • MathWorks

Communication Software

In addition to our comprehensive networking software, we support other popular networking, Internet, and telephony protocols:

  • Abaco
  • Averna
  • Card Access
  • Clarinox Technologies
  • Critical I/O
  • Data Connection
  • Data Device Corporation
  • IP Infusion
  • Ixxat
  • Enea Nebricks
  • HCC Embedded
  • Icon Labs
  • Jungo Labs
  • MCCI
  • North Atlantic Industries
  • Object Computing Inc.
  • Objective Interface Systems
  • PrismTech
  • Real Time Logic
  • RTI
  • SNMP Research International
  • Silex Technology
  • Stollmann
  • Sybase iAnywhere
  • TTech Computertchnik
  • TeamF1, Inc
  • Tews Technology
  • Vector CANtech
  • Visuality Systems

Target Debug Connections, ICE

In addition to our SuperTrace Probe and Green Hills Probe we provide development support for most of the other popular hardware debug connections:

  • Renesas Electronics
  • Macraigor Systems
  • P&E Microcomputer Systems
  • Wind River
  • Yokogawa Digital Computer
  • FS2
  • Midas Labs

Third-party Integrations

We provide development support for the following

  • Eclipse
  • Rhapsody
  • Subversion
  • ClearCase
  • Emacs
  • vi
  • CVS
  • SourceSafe
  • Compilers that generate DWARF or Stabs debugging info

Emdedded Single Board Computers

Green Hills Software works extensively with these industry-leading commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) board manufacturers*:

We'll Interface Our Products to Competing Products

We will modify our products to work with any real time operating system, compiler, design or modeling tool, configuration management system, editor, communications software, application builder, debug connection, single board computer, or other embedded development tool. We will design, build, and support an interface to any other products that you need to get your development team operating at the greatest possible efficiency.

Green Hills Software Offers the Most Open Embedded Development Software Development Solution

We enable you to seamlessly integrate the most productive embedded development tools into our embedded development solution, ensuring that you will attain the highest possible programmer productivity.

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