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Transforming the Embedded Computing Landscape
With a legacy spanning over a century of manned flight and technology innovation led by the Curtiss-Wright Corporation, the business units of Dy4 Systems, VISTA Controls, Synergy Microsystems, Systran, Peritek and Primagraphics have unified into the Embedded Computing organization of Curtiss-Wright Controls. Embedded Computing brings together the leading suppliers of state-of-the-art open systems architecture commercial and rugged boards and chassis for the embedded computing market, each with a heritage of over twenty years of delivering leading edge technology to the COTS industry. Combined, the Embedded Computing companies provide system integrators with a single end-to-end supplier offering commercial and rugged grade COTS computing solutions that span the full range of embedded system technology from board-level products to fully integrated sub-systems.

Boards with INTEGRITY support
  Form Factor Processors SDRAM/DDR Flash PMC Serial I/O Ethernet
Champ AV II 6U VME Quad 7410 500MHz 1 GB 32 MB 2x64-bit/66MHz 1x EIA-232
2x EIA-232/422
Champ AV IV 6U VME Quad 7447A/7448
1GHz - 1.25GHz
2 GB DDR 256 MB 2x64-bit/100MHz 4x EIA-232 2xGbE
On-board switch
Manta QX3 6U VME Quad 7457
2 GB DDR 1 GB 1x64-bit/133MHz 4x EIA-232
2x EIA-422
Manta DX3
Rhino DX
Rhino MX
Rhino 10
Raptor DX2
Raptor GX
Raptor MX
SCP/DCP-122 1x EIA-232
2x EIA-422
SCP/DCP-124 7447A@1000MHz
2x EIA-232
2x EIA-422
184 dual 8641D@1GHz 2x EIA-232
185 dual 8641D@1GHz 4x EIA-232


Peripheral Cards: Communications
  Form Factor Interface type and number Speed


Peripheral Cards: Rugged Graphics/Video
  Form Factor Graphics Processor
PMC 706
PMC 724


Peripheral Cards: Storage
  Form Factor Capacity

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Green Hills Software Partners with Curtiss-Wright (Feb.26, 2007)

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