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7-Oct-2014  IoT Security Advice: Trust No One  -
3-Oct-2014  Touring Freescale's 40-Ton 'Internet of Tomorrow' Truck  - PC Magazine
1-Oct-2014  Freescale kicks off Internet of Tommorrow tour at ARM TechCon  -
1-Aug-2014  Next Generation Mobile Tactical Communications  - Aerospace & Defense Technology
23-Jul-2014  RAM Scraper Malware: Why PCI DSS Can't Fix Retail  - Dark Reading
28-May-2014  Functional Safety Critical for Autonomous Cars  - EBN
28-May-2014  Google's Self-Driving Car Prototype Ditches the Steering Wheel  - PC Magazine
21-May-2014  Freescale Enlists Green Hills for Next Gen ADAS Platform  - New Electronics
21-May-2014  Die Grundsätze für ein sicheres Internet der Dinge (The principles for a secure Internet of Things)  - Elektronik Praxis
20-May-2014  Functional Safety Critical for Autonomous Cars  - EE Times
19-May-2014  Freescale Promises Self-Driving Cars by 2017  - PC Magazine
19-May-2014  Freescale vision chip makes self-driving cars a bit more ordinary  - CNET
19-May-2014  Freescale, Neusoft and Green Hills Are Collaborating to Simplify Next-Generation ADAS Development  - John Day Automotive Electronics
3-May-2014  Firmware Strategy for the Internet of Cars  - John Day Automotive Electronics
30-Apr-2014  Heartbleed and its impact on embedded security  -
22-Apr-2014  Green Hills ruft Dienstleistungssparte für Datensicherheit ins Leben (Green Hills calls services division for data security to life)  - Elektronik Praxis
8-Apr-2014  System-Critical platform for graphics-rich embedded devices  - EDN
1-Apr-2014  Green Hills Brings Its Security Expertise to IoT  -
1-Apr-2014  Platform Architecture for the Internet of Things  - RTC Magazine
14-Mar-2014  Samsung und Green Hills schaffen sichere Android-Umgebung (Samsung and Greenhills create safe Android environment)  - Elektronik Praxis
11-Mar-2014  Keeping the Stable Door Shut  - New Electronics
5-Mar-2014  Using static analysis to detect coding errors in open source security-critical server applications  -
3-Mar-2014  Freescale and Partners Collaborate to Increase the Security of the World's Cloud Services and Data Centers  - TMC Net
1-Mar-2014  Security and the Internet of Things  - EDN Comment
28-Feb-2014  Rockwell Collins selects Green Hills Software’s INTEGRITY-178 operating system for multi-function display on Sikorsky S-92 helicopter  - Avionics Intelligence
25-Feb-2014  Green Hills Improves Security Solutions for Embedded Systems  - Defense Update
30-Jan-2014  Demystifying multi-core architecture for avionics  - Military Embedded Systems
24-Jan-2014  Building a secure high assurance web server with 300 lines of code  -
21-Jan-2014  Eine Firmware-Strategie für das Internet der Dinge (A firmware Strategy for the Internet of Things)  - Elektronik Praxis
10-Jan-2014  Green Hills startet mit HP eine Initiative für sichere Mobilgeräte in England (Green Hills will start with HP an initiative for safe mobile equipment in England)  - Elektronik Praxis
19-Dec-2013  Secure Android mobile devices for UK public sector  - Electronic Specifier
25-Nov-2013  Using Static Analysis to Make Open Source Web Applications More Secure  -
18-Sep-2013  Building more secure embedded software with code coverage analysis  -
18-Sep-2013  Building a secure embedded development process  -
4-Sep-2013  Integrität der Firmware für Flugsicherheit sicherstellen (Ensure integrity of the firmware for flight safety)  - Elektronik Praxis
1-Sep-2013  New Approached to Combating Rootkits  - RTC Magazine
17-Aug-2013  Static vs. dynamic analysis for secure code development: Part 1  -
17-Aug-2013  Static vs. dynamic analysis for secure code development: Part 2  -
29-Jul-2013  Using coding standards to improve software quality and security  -
17-Jun-2013  High assurance software engineering improves embedded design security  -
21-May-2013  Collaborating to create a secure data handling process  - Control Engineering Europe
12-May-2013  The Future of Android in Vehicles  - Design & Reuse
22-Apr-2013  Reliable Safety-Critical Software At Design West 2013  - Electronic Design
6-Apr-2013  Hypervisor boosts 'bring your own device' strategies  - EE Times
27-Feb-2013  Roving Reporter: Security Issues in the Connected Car  - Intel Embedded Community
26-Feb-2013  Green Hills adds model-based design to embedded toolchain  - Electronics Weekly
13-Feb-2013  Integrity von Green Hills Software wird für USMC-Hubschrauber ausgewählt (Integrity from Green Hills Software is selected for USMC Helicopter)  - Elektronik Praxis
30-Jan-2013  Consumer- und Automotive-Welt trennen (Consumer and automotive world separate)  - All Electronics
28-Jan-2013  "Think evil" to thwart the bad guys, says design expert  - E&T Magazine
1-Jan-2013  BYOD for Industrial Control and Automation  - RTC Magazine
5-Dec-2012  Smartphones on the Battlefield  - Military Embedded Systems
29-Oct-2012  Sicherheitstrends für vernetzte Geräte (Security trends for connected devices)  - Elektroniknet
1-Oct-2012  Safety and Multimedia Collide in Next-Generation Automobiles  - RTC Magazine
9-Aug-2012  „Der Embedded-Compiler von Green Hills machte technische Durchbrüche möglich“ - "The embedded compiler from Green Hills technical breakthroughs made possible"  - Elektronik Praxis
17-Jul-2012  Software Supports Safe And Fast Automotive Application Development  - Electronics Design
27-Jun-2012  Green Hills Software, still relishes "Integrity"  - Electronics Weekly
26-Jun-2012  Green Hills Software schließt Sicherheits-Partnerschaft mit Freescale (Green Hills Software includes security partnership with Freescale)  - Elektronik Praxis
21-Jun-2012  Green Hills Software stattet Tablet-Rechner mit Virtualisierungslösung aus (Green Hills Software equips Tablet PC with Virtualization Solution)  - Elektronik Praxis
14-Jun-2012  Tablet runs Integrity RTOS from Green Hills Software  - Electronics Weekly
12-Jun-2012  Sharpen your pencils for 2013 software exam  - EE Times
1-Jun-2012  Experts at the Table: Hardware-Software Co-Design  - Chip Design
2-May-2012  Neue Allianz für offene Safety-Standards auf den Weg gebracht (New Alliance for Open Safety Standards on the Way Brought)  - Elektro Technik
2-May-2012  Sieben Automatisierer gründen die Safety Alliance, ein Bündnis für Sicherheitstechnik  - Elektronik Praxis
1-May-2012  Arquitectura de software para infoentretenimiento en el vehículo: GENIVI y más allá (Software architecture for infotainment in the vehicle: GENIVI and beyond)  - CONVERtronic
6-Apr-2012  Amelia's Weekly Fish Fry: Coming Back for Seconds: Design West 2012 Part Two  - Electronic Engineering Journal
30-Mar-2012  Nintendo Licenses Green Hills' MULTI IDE for Wii U Developers  - Web Pro News
30-Mar-2012  Nintendo Wii U Gains Green Hills Partner  - Slash Gear
30-Mar-2012  Embedded real-time operating system software secures military mission-critical data from growing threats  - Avionvics Intelligence
30-Mar-2012  Nintendo Licenses Green Hills' MULTI IDE for Wii U Developers  - Web Pro News
29-Mar-2012  AMD's Fusion APU Platform Now Supports Real-Time Embedded Applications.  - Xbit Labs
28-Mar-2012  AMD Targets Embedded Market with RTOS Deal  - Bit-Tech
24-Mar-2012  Enhance system security with better data-at-rest encryption  - EE Times
6-Mar-2012  Green Hills Software und Freescale bündeln Kräfte für Automotive-Controller (Green Hills Software and Freescale Join Forces for Automotive Controllers)  - Elektronik Praxis
28-Feb-2012  British army Scout Specialist Vehicle program to run INTEGRITY RTOS from Green Hills Software  - Military Embedded Systems
26-Feb-2012  Green Hills, Jungo bring connectivity to automotive infotainment  - EE Times
13-Feb-2012  Embedded-Know-how und Lösungen (Embedded-know-how and solutions)  - Elektroniknet
9-Feb-2012  Technologiepartner im Reconfigurable-Digital-Cockpit-Program der Clemson University (Technology partner in Reconfigurable Digital Cockpit Program at Clemson University)  - Elektroniknet
7-Feb-2012  Komplette sikkerhetsprotokoller (Complete the security protocols)  - Elektronikknett
2-Feb-2012  Ein Kommunikationsgerät erhält zwei Persönlichkeiten (A Communication Device Receives Two Personalities)  - Elektronik Praxis
2-Feb-2012  Green Hills has secure platform for smart meters  - Electronics Weekly
1-Feb-2012  Securing Android: Think outside the box  - [In]Secure Magazine
1-Feb-2012  High-Octane Distributed Computing Fuels Intelligent Highways  - RTC Magazine
1-Feb-2012  Securing Android: Think outside the box  - [In]Secure Magazine
26-Jan-2012  End-to-End Security Solutions for next Generation of Security and Management  - Elektronik Informationen
26-Jan-2012  Green Hills releases nextgen smart energy platform  - EE Times
26-Jan-2012  Green Hills launches end-to-end security management  - EE Times
25-Jan-2012  L'OS temps réel Integrity se muscle (INTEGRITY RTOS is Muscle)  - Electronique
25-Jan-2012  Platform for Smart Energy provides complete Device Lifecycle Management, high Assurance Security  - Elektronik Informationen
24-Jan-2012  Smart energy platform raises security benchmark  - EE Times
24-Jan-2012  GreenHills Software offers new smart grid security toolkit  - Fierce Smart Grid
10-Nov-2011  In-vehicle infotainment software architecture: GENIVI and beyond - Part 2  - EE Times Europe Automotive
3-Nov-2011  In-vehicle infotainment software architecture: GENIVI and beyond - Part 1  - EE Times Europe Automotive
26-Oct-2011  Risikofaktor Kfz-Elektronik (Risk factor Automotive Electronics)  - Elektroniknet
25-Oct-2011  Developing Safe and Effective Medical Device Software  - New Electronics
1-Oct-2011  Interview with Dave Kleidermacher  - The Imaging Channel
1-Oct-2011  Reducing the Cost of Developing Safe, Secure and Resilient Industrial Control Systems  - RTC Magazine
6-Sep-2011  Verifying certified software: making the most of the tools you have  - EE Times
26-Aug-2011  Tech Trends: Security concerns for next-generation automotive electronics  - EE Times
28-Jul-2011  Debugging Optimized Code  - Electronic Design
11-Jul-2011  Proven technologies and embedded expertise improve the smart grid’s security and resiliency  - Embedded Computing Design
1-Jun-2011  Securing and Improving the Smart Grid Requires Military Grade Technology  - RTC Magazine
3-May-2011  Green Hills expands security business  - EE Times
3-May-2011  Green Hills sets up business to drive embedded security  - Electronics Weekly
1-May-2011  Developing Safe and Effective Medical Device Software  - MEDS Magazine
19-Apr-2011  Architecting the smart grid for security  - EE Times
2-Mar-2011  Secure RTOS technology at tipping point - Embedded World  - Electronics Weekly
1-Mar-2011  Security Considerations in Embedded I/O Virtualization  - RTC Magazine