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For more than thirty years, Green Hills Software has helped our customers solve some of the most challenging problems in embedded software. The videos here feature some of our embedded experts providing insight on and solutions to some of the tough challenges facing embedded developers today. Click on a topic below to see the videos available for viewing.

INTEGRITY Multivisor for Automotive

Joe Fabbre, in-vehicle infotainment, INTEGRITY MultivisorIntroduction: While in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) systems pose serious challenges to OEM and Tier 1 developers, they can be overcome by leveraging the power of the INTEGRITY Multivisor's hybrid architecture.

Joe Fabbre, virtualized Android, performanceHigh-Performance Virtualized Android: In-vehicle infotainment applications running on an INTEGRITY Multivisor virtual machine can deliver the incredibly responsive performance required for an awesome user experience.

in-vehicle infotainment, INTEGRITY Multivisor, SoC consolidationSecure Consolidation: INTEGRITY Multivisor's unique capabilitiy to safely combine critical applications alongside the infotainment software stack makes the prospect of consolidating system hardware and reducing systems cost a reality.

fast-boot, rear-view camera, instant onFast Boot: INTEGRITY Multivisor provides the fast-boot capabilities critical to in-vehicle infotainment systems that need to be available to drivers instantaneously.


Debugger Driven Development, MULTI, Dave Kleidermacher, Embedded Expert More than a Lonely Bug Finder: Change the way you develop by putting the debugger to work early in the development cycle. Having the debugger front and center on your desktop, and not used only as a lonely bug finder, results in quicker, clearer software understanding.

TimeMachine Debugger, PathAnalyzer

Debug in Minutes, Not Days: See methods of quickly and effortlessly running backwards in time to the origin of a bug, even non-reproducible, heinous bugs that take weeks or months to replicate.

TimeMachine Debugger, EventAnalyzer

OS Visibility—Seeing is Believing: See a unique visual display of operating system events during debugging to help track down bad interactions and also during optimization when a quick show of operations saves a boatload of time.


Multicore Processing, Intel, Green Hills Software Benefit or Challenge? Learn about two ways to navigate multicore systems: Asymmetric Multiprocessing and Symmetric Multiprocessing. Also, find out how embedded developers in different industries are integrating the power of multicore.

Multicore, multi-threaded applications Multicore Sweet Spots: Learn which applications can best benefit from the increased performance, parallel processing capabilities, and reduced hardware requirements that multicore promises. Also, view a real-life example of multi-threaded code.

multicore processing tips and tricks Multicore Tips and Tricks: Find out what embedded software tools are required to leverage the benefits of multicore processing, including an SMP RTOS, powerful embedded development tools, and prioritized thread-safe code.

Embedded Security

Android, Security Securing Android Based Systems: The open access of multimedia mobile devices also introduces IT management and security concerns. As this video describes, the INTEGRITY Multivisor architecture can deliver a secure multi-OS solution for the enterprise.

Android, Security Dual Persona Android on an i.MX53 Tablet: The INTEGRITY Multivisor solution provides a trusted virtualized platform for a commercially-available tablet featuring two securely separated Android environments:personal and corporate.

embedded security, Intel, Dave Kleidermacher, DaveK An Architecture for Embedded Security: Learn how Green Hills Software is working with Intel to help embedded developers balance growing feature requirements while still maintaining security and reliability.

Automotive Electronics

Shared Accelerated 3D Graphics: A demonstration of how a single 3D GPU on Intel Atom can be securely and reliably shared between a GENIVI Guest OS OpenGL 3D application and a native INTEGRITY hypervisor OpenGL 3D application.

In-Vehicle Infotainment for Intel® Atom™: Combining Intel Atom processors with the INTEGRITY RTOS creates a reliable environment for next-generation in-vehicle infotainment platforms.

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