MIPS Embedded Software Solutions

Real-time operating systems
    For totally reliable and absolutely secure applications
  • µ-velOSity royalty-free RTOS
    Small, fast, easy-to-learn operating system for the most cost-sensitive and resource-constrained devices
Software development tools
  • MULTI and AdaMULTI development environments
    Quickly develop, debug, test, and optimize embedded and real-time application
  • TimeMachine debugging suite
    Go back in time to find every bug in minutes
  • DoubleCheck integrated static analyzer
    Easily pinpoint bugs early in development
  • Green Hills optimizing compilers
    Generating the smallest and fastest code from C, C++, and Ada 95
Processor probes
ColdFire optimizing compilers

The Green Hills MIPS optimizing compilers use a common code generator with architecture and processor specific optimizations. MIPs-specific features include:

  • Processor Options—Specific to each MIPS architecture and processor supported for optimal performance. This setting determines the instructions permitted as well as the pipeline optimization strategy used.
  • Position Independent Code (PIC) and Data (PID)—Allows code and data to be placed anywhere in memory and still run correctly.
  • MIPS16e Instruction Set—Generates code for the MIPS16e ASE.
  • MIPS-3D—Supports the MIPS-3D ASE through intrinsic functions.
  • 64-bit Integers—Supports 64-bit data types, constants, and expressions for all MIPS processors.
  • Far Function Calls—Handles code that exceeds the limits of the MIPS call instruction.
  • Inline Prologue—Generates inlined code or calls a routine when saving and restoring registers.
  • Linker Optimizations—The Green Hills Linker optionally performs additional optimizations for speed and size.
  • MIPS32/MIPS64 Release 2—Generates code for the latest version of the MIPS architecture.
  • Memory Allocation Functionality—The alloca() function provides a mechanism to allocate a fixed size of memory that is automatically freed when the current function exits
  • Small Data Area—The Green Hills Compilers collect frequently accessed variables into a 64KB block of memory. This enables single instruction access to data within this block, saving code size and improving performance.
Platform solutions
  • Aerospace & avionics
    INTEGRITY-178B RTOS, the ARINC 653 partition scheduler, and documentation required for FAA DO-178B Level A certification
  • Automotive electronics
    Debuggers, compilers (with built-in MISRA C checker), simulator, and profiling tools for powertrain, body, chassis, and infotainment subsystems
  • Industrial safety
    RTOS & integrated middleware for industrial systems requiring IEC/EN 61508 safety certification
  • Medical devices
    RTOS & integrated middleware including networking, file systems, USB, embedded databases, graphics and video
  • Mobile devices
    High-security microkernel combined with virtualization features to provide guaranteed security without compromising the user experience
  • Secure networking
    Solutions to secure network devices at their core using integrated layer 3 routing, layer 2 switching, & IPv4/v6 networking protocols
  • Software defined radio
    POSIX-conformant RTOS integrated with TCP/IP stack, CORBA, SCA core framework, waveform development solutions, and reference hardware
  • Wireless devices
    RTOS and mainstream wireless chipset drivers with complete, mature supplicant agent for devices that require secure wireless connectivity

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