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Product Type
Middleware software application- SMB stack

Product Summary
Visuality Systems offers INTEGRITY RTOS users a file sharing solution based on the encrypted SMB (also known as CIFS) protocol, providing client and server implementations and support for embedded devices that require network file and printer sharing. Enabled with NQE™ (Network Quick), these embedded devices have full interoperability with the Microsoft Windows networking environment.

Product Description
Visuality Systems' NQE Client/Server middleware provides a practical, simple to implement and quick to market solution through integration of SMB/ CIFS client/server capabilities into virtually any device. Enabled with NQE, these embedded devices are able to perform full client, server, and client/server file sharing functions in a Microsoft Windows networking environment.

File sharing enables multiple embedded devices to remotely browse each other's shared folders and to read, write, edit, copy, delete and update each other's files. All operations executed without the need to transfer entire files to/from the device's local disk or memory.

Processors Supported
NQE is processor independent, can work with any processor.

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Visuality Systems
3 Hatamar Street
Yokneam Ilit
Israel 20692002

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