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Partner name

Tuxera Inc.

Product or Product Family Name

Tuxera Flash File System

Product Type

Storage Software (File-System) for Data Management

Product Summary

Tuxera Flash File System is fully customized to work with the flash memory hardware it’s coupled with – whether it’s UFS, eMMC, MMC, SSD, or SD.

Product Description

Flash memory is the most prevalent storage technology today. But most file systems were built to work on decades-old hard disk drive (HDD) storage. Tuxera Flash File System is cutting-edge embedded software designed to work with all the benefits and challenges of flash memory technology. It brings the ultimate performance, reliability, and longest lifetime to any flash hardware. That means super-responsive devices and systems, more available CPU for more apps, the highest quality videos with no frame loss, and less device replacement costs.

Processors Supported

  • ARM, ARM64
  • Intel x86/x86_64 or compatible
  • MIPS
  • Power Architecture
  • And others

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Tuxera, Inc.
Westendintie 1 02160
Espoo, Finland
tel: +358 20 764 1720
fax: +358 98 565 7002

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