Third Party Partners

Partner name

Sii Poland (Sii Ltd.)

Product Type

  • Embedded software and firmware development
  • Quality Assurance
  • Secure Architecture design
  • Delivering low-latency, time demanding and multithread solutions
  • PCB design and production
  • Advanced custom solutions for test automation

Services Summary

With over 3,000 engineers, Sii is the Top IT and Engineering services provider in Poland. With an agile mix of nearshore and offshore experience, technical excellence and remarkable capacity, we execute various technology projects based on mature business models for leading Polish and multinational companies with utmost care and attention.

Sii supports clients with a broad scope of embedded services across the entire software lifecycle helping the initial concept of the project go smoothly through all phases — from requirements engineering, design (including security design) through development, test automation based on continuous integration till product integration and maintenance. We deliver from individual components through to complete product development.

We also work on all levels of the software stack, from application layer UI design and development, through middleware and hardware abstraction layer to device drivers and board support packages. Although most of our services are based on an iterative and agile approach, they are often incorporated into more waterfall or milestone-based environment of our customers.

All the above software development activities are embedded in safe and secure project environment where the security of our customers' IP is treated with utmost awareness and attention—which is especially important for our semiconductor and automotive sector customers.

We believe that our strengths such as technical excellence and proven offshore capabilities make us an attractive business partner!

Techinal expertise

Automotive Standards

  • Functional Safety (ISO26262)
  • Automotive SPICE

Firmware development & Validation

  • Requirements engineering
  • Architecture design, including secure architecture
  • New software development or solutions porting
  • Comprehensive software validation

Configuration Management

  • Building system development processes according to specific standards
  • Defining and automate development and test workflows in continuous integration system
  • Quality control monitoring and supervision
  • Risk identification and contingency/enhancement planning

Technologies & Tools

  • Experts in embedded programming languages
  • Advanced custom solutions for test automation
  • Selection of domain specific tools. Embedded Systems
  • Experience in delivering low-latency, time demanding and multithread solutions
  • Real Time Operating Systems (RTOS)
  • PCB design and production


  • Expertise in wired and wireless standards & protocols

Other standards

  • Common Criteria

Processors Supported

  • ARM7, ARM9,
  • TI DSP TMS320 55xx, 67xx, 59xx, 644x, OMAP, DaVinci

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Sii Poland sp. z o.o.
al. Niepodległości 69
02-626 Warsaw, Poland
Tel: +48 22 486 37 37

https://sii.pl/en email: embedded@pl.sii.eu
sales contact: Sebastian Luczak

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