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Unit and Component Testing System for C/C++ code

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Product Summary
TESSY provides automated unit / module / integration testing of embedded software written in C/C++ directly on the actual target hardware. It determines code coverage and generates test documentation.

Product Description
TESSY performs automated dynamic module/unit and integration testing of embedded software and determines the code coverage along the way. This kind of test is required for certifications according to standards such as DO-178B, IEC 61508 or ISO 26262.

The Classification Tree Editor (CTE) provides one method of systematically specifying and generating test cases. It makes use of the Classification Tree Method to do this, and is a unique feature to TESSY.

Key Features

  • Automated test execution
  • Test report generation
  • Code coverage without extra effort
  • Regression and integration testing
  • Essential to get certifications
  • For geographically distributed projects
  • Testing on host or actual hardware
  • Supports C and C++
  • Fastens development—pays off quickly

TESSY automatically executes the tests, evaluates the test results, and generates the test reports. TESSY can eliminate manual testing and therefore saves the embedded development engineer a tremendous amount of time. A faster development process ensures the tool recovers its costs quickly, and what's more, produces better quality software and documented tests. Tests can be executed on the development host or on the actual target hardware. TESSY is successfully used in large projects with dozens of users in multiple locations across the world. TESSY is used extensively in automotive, aerospace, avionics, railway, medical, military, and industrial applications. Regression testing is a key feature in achieving software quality and TESSY is the perfect tool for this task.

Supported Processors

  • ARM
  • MPC
  • V850
  • x86

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