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Green Hills Software partner Rapita Systems

Product Type

On-Target Verification Tools

Product or Product Family Name

  • RapiTime—Worst-case execution time (WCET) analysis and optimization.
  • RapiCover—Low overhead code coverage up to MC/DC

Product Description
Part of the Rapita Verification Suite (RVS), RapiTime is an automated performance measurement and timing analysis tool.

Targeted at real-time, embedded applications, RapiTime measures performance, determines worst-case execution times, and guides your optimization efforts. The benefits RapiTime provides include:

  • Reduced verification costs with automated worst-case execution time (WCET) measurement
  • Rapid identification of the best performance optimizations
  • Reduced risk of deploying systems with timing faults
  • Meet your project's certification needs with DO-178B/C qualification support

RapiCover is an on-target code coverage measurement tool that supports system and integration testing processes.

RapiCover maps code coverage to specific test cases, involves minimal instrumentation, and provides an adaptable approach to on-target code coverage measurement. The benefits RapiCover provides include:

  • Simplify collection of on-target code coverage metrics up to MC/DC, thanks to low instrumentation overheads.\
  • Adapt RapiCover to the specific features of your target system through a configurable, adaptable approach to instrumentation.
  • Meet your project's certification needs with DO-178B/C qualification support.

Processors Supported

Both RapiTime and RapiCover work with all microprocessors and DSPs. Guidance for integrating RapiTime or RapiCover with specific processors is available from Rapita Systems.

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Rapita Systems Ltd
Atlas House
Osbaldwick Link Road
York YO10 3JB
United Kingdom

Phone: +44 1904 413945


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