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Product Type
Designs of safety-related, high-availability, embedded computers. Real-time software applications and tools for data preparation, software integration and defensive programming.

Product Family Name
GeminiX Platform

Product Summary
GeminiX is the Neat's 2oo2 HW platform targeting the market of safety-critical and/or high-reliability embedded computers.

Product Description
GeminiX is built upon two either identical or different processors, each one representing an autonomous processing element with its own memories and basic I/O peripherals (e.g., serial ports and ethernet interfaces). In accordance to the 2oo2 philosophy, the processors synchronize their operation and communicate over a full-custom cross-channel data link. The concept of GeminiX cross-channel data link is independent of the physical means realizing the channel. It can be used by the nodes to share and compare application outputs that have been separately and independently calculated at each node. GeminiX core can be expanded with application-dependent I/O boards in order to fulfill the requirements of a large variety of applications.

Product Family Name
TargetIT and DefendIT

Product Summary
TargetIt and DefendIT are tools to assist the development and test of certifiable applications usable up to SIL4. 

Product Description
TargetIT allows the execution of the module and/or HW/SW integration test on target, without modification nor instrumentation of the source and the binary files.

DefendIT automatically allows the insertion of those features needed for applications with high level of safety integrity (defensive programming, failure assertion programming, logical monitoring, error detecting code), making it easier the fault detection process and diagnosis.

Processors Supported
Coldfire, ARM, PCC, Intel

Supported Green Hills Software Products
MULTI Integrated Development Environment

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