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MCCI is the world's leading developer of software supporting USB connectivity in PCs and embedded systems. Our broad product line allows our customers to choose the components and services they need to provide full USB support in their systems.

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TrueTask USB

Product Summary
TrueTask USB is the first portable platform for USB in embedded systems. This fully validated USB host and device software stack provides stable APIs that are portable across product lines, and stable. TrueTask USB therefore uniquely preserves investment in USB application development, testing and validation

Product Description
TrueTask USB is MCCI's portable embedded USB host stack and USB platform. It supports USB 3.1, USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 host controllers, as well as USB 3.1, 3.0, 2.0 and 1.1 hubs. It has been tested at the USB-IF PIL as part of xHCI certification in multiple designs, and has shipped to over 50 million PC and embedded systems customers.

TrueTask USB offers all the basic features one expects from an embedded USB host stack: extensive SoC support, small memory footprint, efficient run-time operation, and a variety of class drivers. TrueTask USB is different than a traditional embedded USB host stack, in that it's based on a foundation of stable APIs. Stable APIs allow seamless reuse of your investment in code based on TrueTask USB. These APIs are designed portably, so that the C code using them is portable across CPUs, operating systems, and host/device controller register models. They are also designed to be stable over time, so that code written with one version of TrueTask USB will be reusable with subsequent versions. Furthermore, they're internally stable as well. This means that a change, for example, in the host controller driver will not affect TrueTask USB code in any other layer; only minimal retesting is needed.

Processors Supported

All hosts with current INTEGRITY BSP support

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