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Driver & In-Cabin Sensing Software

Product Summary

Driver and Occupancy Monitoring System for monitoring the driver’s behavior and the interior of the vehicle.

Product Description

CoDriver is an innovative camera-based driver monitoring software solution from Jungo. Based on state-of-the-art deep learning, machine learning and computer vision algorithms, CoDriver provides the car with a complete, real-time picture of the driver’s condition.

CoDriver, together with ADAS components through Sensor Fusion, helps cars better understand the relationships between events, both internal and external to the vehicle cabin. By obtaining the valuable information provided by CoDriver, car makers can create safer cars and reduce crashes caused by distracted or drowsy drivers.  Furthermore, with the era of the autonomous vehicle around the corner, CoDriver is set to play an instrumental role in helping the industry transition from manual, through semi-autonomous to fully autonomous driving.

By using CoDriver, cars can know whether or not the driver is ready to take control of a vehicle in a semi-autonomous scenario.  In a fully-autonomous experience, the car can get valuable information about the passengers’ well-being, mood and overall condition while in the vehicle.

CoDriver for Occupancy Monitoring was designed to bring a new layer of visual information of in-cabin behaviors and activities, leveraging computer vision, machine and deep learning software. CoDriver for Occupancy Monitoring enables getting real time information about everything that occurs inside the vehicle.


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