Third Party Partners

Product Type
Embedded Software Development Services


  • Real Time Operating Systems
  • Board Support Packages
  • Application Level Software
  • Device Drivers
  • Certificate ManagementM
  • Device Security
  • Data Encryption

Product Summary
Harmonic Software Systems have been providing software consulting services and real time systems of the highest possible quality since 1999. Backed by a wealth of experience in real time operating systems, embedded software development and embedded security, we provide software consulting services and embedded systems programming to guarantee a well-documented, well tested software system that exceeds all expectations. We pride ourselves on our unrivalled commitment to quality, which is engrained throughout the company through the unique concept of a Harmonic Software System, a powerful software development philosophy. This philosophy complements the latest Agile software development techniques, delivering real benefits for our customers.

Product Description

What is a Harmonic Software System? A Harmonic Software System is the product of a software process that involves a balanced, cohesive combination of documentation, development and testing, that has been honed through successive iterations of working, functional software, and that has had the highest quality standards applied throughout every facet of the development process.

Processors Supported

  • ARM
  • PowerPC
  • x86

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