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Gliwa GmbH

Product or Product Family Name

  • T1 Timing Tools—embedded software analysis tools
  • GPS Gecko—development tool for delivering GPS information over CAN
  • U2C—Cost-effective PC CAN interface

Product Summary

Software products and consultant services focused on the automotive industry

Product Description

T1 covers a wide spectrum of applications by enabling:

  • Execution time measurement (e.g. max, min, average net execution time)
  • Execution time verification via supervisory functions and/or automatic timing tests
  • Timing debugging: rapidly find and eliminate even complex timing problems
  • Exploration of spare capacity, for example, in order to ascertain the timing impact of additional functionality before its implementation
  • Investigation of data-flows or event chains and synchronization effects

GPSgecko is a development tool for delivering GPS information over CAN. Hardware is placed in a very robust IP-65 compliant enclosure. The software offers a range of configuraiton options that can be set via CGstudio, an easy-to-use PC package. GPSgecko supports up to 10 PGS datasets per second (most other tools on the market provide only 1 GPS dataset/second. Main target application is geographical assignment of measured data in large scale test and test drive. As a result of its high update ragte, GPSgecko can also be used during development for signal verification.

The USP dongle U2C enables cost-effective, ultra-flexible connection to a CAN bus. Access to the interface is provided either by the supplied .NET C# or over VCP (virtual COM port) which emulates an ordinary COM interface on a PC. This guarantees problem-free access to CAN from practically any combination of programming language and operating system.

Processors Supported

  • TriCore (v1.3, v1.3.1 v1.6, v1.6X)
  • Freescale MPC5xx, MPC5xxx, S12(X)
  • Microchip dsPIC
  • Renesas v850 (e1 and e2)
  • F16
  • ARM Cortex
  • AVR families
  • Infineon XC2000/XC16x

Supported Green Hills Products

  • MULTI Integrated Development Environment


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82362 Weilheim i.OB.

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