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  • Embotech ProCruiser

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Automotive Software

Product Summary

Real-time motion planner for high-speed maneuvering, obstacle avoidance and feedback control (tracking). Embotech’s motion planning software is using state-of-the-art numerical optimization algorithms for motion planning at the physical limits.

Product Description

Embotech’s ProCruiser is a state-of-the-art software for high-speed maneuvering. The ProCruiser’s main features are:

  • Vehicle agnostic
  • Complex maneuvers
  • Taking physical limits into account (tires)
  • Large scope for customization of driving style by customer
  • Robust to measurement noise
  • Comfortable, smooth driving
  • Minimum time (for racing applications)
  • Obstacle avoidance
  • Automatic overtaking, merging etc.
  • Generic enough to cover many ADAS/AD functions with the same software
  • Demonstrated at European Tier-1: double lane change functionality

Processors Supported

  • Arm

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Technoparkstrasse 1,
8005 Zurich, Switzerland

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