Third Party Partners

Partner name

ELSYS Design (France)

Product Type

  • Embedded software and hardware engineering services.
  • Development of custom designed embedded systems.

Services Summary

ELSYS Design imagines and designs tomorrows’ electronic systems. A key partner of numerous leading international companies, ELSYS Design does projects in the fields of electronics, software and embedded systems.

ELSYS Design’s know-how and technical expertise covers all the areas of software and hardware design. Its cross-sector offer combines consultancy, turn-key projects and dedicated development centers, both in France and nearshore areas.

Founded and managed by engineers, ELSYS Design is a subsidiary of the ADVANS Group, whose expertise also extends to application software development and to mechanical design.

Techinal expertise

  • Hardware and software architecture
  • Power electronics, analog
  • ASIC, FPGA and IC design, with or without embedded cores
  • Development of embedded software
  • Development of real-time software
  • Test benches, integration

Excellence in embedded software

Our development processes are scalable to address any kind of project going from proof of concepts to constrained processes such as DO178 (avionics), EN50128 (railway) or EN62304 (medical).

Our embedded software design teams have the skills and experience to perform all the necessary steps in the embedded system design including:

  • Hardware and software feasibility study
  • Software architecture development, partitioning and module specification
  • Board bring up and board test specific code; bootloader development and tuning to boot embedded operating systems such as Linux or INTEGRITY RTOS
  • Board support package and kernel driver development
  • Firmware, middleware, real-time protocols, user-space applications, user interface development in Assembly/C/C++/Qt
  • Protocol stack development, integration and optimization
  • Data processing algorithm development, implementation and optimization
  • Functional, stress, performance testing and benchmarks
  • Developing scripts and tools for test automation
  • Project documentation
  • Maintenance services and customer support

Processors Supported

  • ARM (ARM Approved Design Partner), OMAP, XScale
  • Coldfire
  • MIPS
  • Power Architecture
  • X86

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191, Avenue Aristide Briand
94230 Cachan
+33 1 41 87 67 00

Technical Centers in Grenoble, Paris, Nice, Aix, Toulouse, Lyon, Rennes and Nantes.

Subsidiaries in Serbia and in the USA.

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