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Product Type

Embedded Multimedia Playback, Streaming and Media Management Solutions


  • Cinemo Unified Media Player™
  • Cinemo Media Engine™
  • Cinemo Streaming Engine™
  • Cinemo Media Management Engine™

Product Summary

Highly Optimized Automotive Grade Embedded Multimedia Playback, Streaming and Media Management Solutions

Product Description

Cinemo Unified Media Player consists of highly optimized and self-contained multimedia solutions coming with a full multimedia pipeline, including all parsers, navigators, codecs, renderers and quality-control built-in and enabling:

  • Ultra-fast media management
  • Highly optimized playback for all popular formats
  • Rear Seat Entertainment features with easy extension to CE Devices

The cross-platform architecture of Cinemo Unified Media Player is easy to integrate, highly customizable and allows scalability of the feature set and platform specific optimizations.

For further information on Cinemo technologies, media and file format support, evaluation versions, software development kits (SDK) and roadmap, please contact

Processors Supported

  • Intel Atom and all other x86 based CPUs
  • ARM Cortex-A8/A9/A15 based CPUs (e.g. NVidia Tegra2/Tegra3/Tegra4, Fujitsu Emerald, TI OMAP3/OMAP4/OMAP5/Jacinto4/Jacinto5/Jacinto6, Freescale i.MX51/i.MX53/i.MX6, Renesas R-Car) including NEON support
  • Others possible on request

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