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Cadence Design Systems

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  • Palladium® Z1 Enterprise Verification Platform
  • Protium™ X1 Enterprise Prototyping Platform
  • Protium™ S1 Desktop Prototyping Platform
  • Xcelium™ Parallel Logic Simulation
  • Incisive™ Enterprise Simulator
  • Cadence Virtual System Platform

Product Summary

The dynamic engines of Cadence Verification Suite – from transaction-level simulation in Virtual System Platform to signal-level execution of RTL in simulation, emulation and FPGA based prototyping – are executing processor based designs that can run the Integrity® RTOS and Multivisor and can be connected to the Multi® Integrated Development Environment for software debug.

Product Description

Verification has become the biggest challenge in SoC development. However, traditional verification tools haven’t kept pace with how quickly SoC and ASIC design size and complexity are growing. Simulators slow to a grind as RTL and gate design size increase. This, in turn, delays system integration and extends the overall verification cycle. As the industry's first datacenter-class emulation system, the Palladium® Z1 platform bridges the verification productivity gap to accelerate verification of SoCs, subsystems, and IP blocks, as well as system-level validation. Compared to the previous generation, the platform, which brings together simulation acceleration and emulation technologies, delivers up to 5X better emulation throughput and, on average, 2.5X better workload efficiency than the closest competitor.

The Cadence® Protium™ X1 Enterprise Prototyping Platform is a first-of-its-kind enterprise prototyping platform. Architected from the ground up to provide extreme scalability and flexibility in a data center-optimized form factor, it is addressing your requirements of today, and growing with you, as your designs and demands are growing tomorrow. The Protium X1 platform combines a modern, blade-based hardware with the industry-leading implementation and debug software suite that ensures that your FPGA-based prototype comes up quickly and reliably and has everything you need to start firmware and software development early. The Protium X1 platform is the platform of choice for early firmware/software development, high-performance hardware regression, and full-system validation. The next-generation Protium X1 platform adds enterprise prototyping to expand on the popular Protium S1 Desktop Prototyping Platform and is part of the broader Cadence Verification Suite.

The Cadence® Protium™ S1 Desktop Prototyping Platform is the latest generation prototyping solution enabling early software development, throughput regressions, and high-performance system validation. It combines high-capacity FPGA boards, based on Virtex-Ultrascale FPGAs, with a complete implementation and debug software suite, providing ultra-fast design bring-up and unprecedented ease of use. Compatible with Cadence’s Protium X1 Enterprise Prototyping Platform, Palladium® platforms, and SpeedBridge® adapters, it allows for the quick and smooth transition of the system-on-chip (SoC) design from an existing emulation environment into a high-performance FPGA-based prototype.

Cadence® Xcelium™ Parallel Logic Simulation is the EDA industry’s first production-ready third-generation simulator. It is based on innovative multi-core parallel computing technology, enabling systems-on-chip (SoCs) to get to market faster than current solutions. On average, customers can achieve 2X improved single-core performance and more than 5X improved multi-core performance versus previous generation simulators. The Xcelium simulator is cloud-ready and runs on your existing compute resources with leading runtime and capacity, making it the simulator of choice throughout the verification flow.

Whether you and your team are challenged by countless runs to meet closure and coverage goals, interactive efforts to validate power domain and reset verification intent, or finding and debugging long deep deadlocks, Incisive® Enterprise Simulator improves turnaround time and throughput. With process automation technology, native high-performance engines, power analysis, and advanced debug capabilities, you can verify the most complex chips and systems. Incisive Enterprise Simulator supports all IEEE-standard languages and methodologies as well as power formats and provides a comprehensive plan-to-closure methodology, improving productivity, project predictability, and product quality. Its unique capabilities support the intent, abstraction, and convergence needed to simplify and accelerate your workflow and help take the risk out of verification.

A key component of the Cadence® System Development Suite, our Virtual System Platform simplifies the creation and support of virtual prototypes with faster debugging. Design teams can begin developing software weeks or months before a hardware prototype is available, and software teams can use it as their application development platform.

Processor Architectures Supported

  • X86
  • Arm
  • Power
  • MIPS
  • RISC V

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Cadence Design Systems
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