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Product or Product Family Name
IEEE-1394 SedNet™ Pro Stack
IEEE-1394 OHCI Hardware Adapters in various form factors (CPCI, PCI, VME, PMC, PC104+)

Product Type
Networking/Communication Protocols

Supported Green Hills Products
INTEGRITY® Real Time Operating System
MULTI® Integrated Development Environment

Product Description
Software — SedNet is a software library that provides embedded systems with direct access to the FireWire bus. The product allows applications to leverage the high performance IEEE-1394 serial bus via a platform independent low level API. SedNet encompasses the IEEE-1394 stack, which implements the IEEE-1394 standard, along with other high level communications protocols for interacting with various consumer and industrial devices such as video cameras, hard disks, printers, scanners, sensors and imaging equipment. Hardware — IEEE-1394 OHCI Adapters: Industrial grade host controller interfaces based on the IEEE-1394 PCI bus featuring Texas Instruments IEEE-1394 OHCI link layer and physical layer chipsets.

Processors Supported
Motorola MPC8245

87, Prince Street, Suite 140
Montreal, Quebec H3C 2M7
Tel: 514-842-7577 ext. 457
Fax: 514-842-7573

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