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Atego™ is the leading independent supplier of industrial-grade, collaborative development tools and runtime environments for engineering complex, mission- and safety-critical architectures, systems, software and hardware. Atego delivers a stable, robust working environment to thousands of users across an extensive range of complex applications in demanding engineering sectors such as aerospace, defense, automotive, transportation, telecommunications, electronics, and medical. Founded in 2010 with a merger between Artisan Software Tools™ and Aonix®, Atego is headquartered in San Diego, CA, USA and Cheltenham, UK with offices in France, Germany and Italy, and is supported by a global distributor network.

Product Type
Application Modeling and Code Generation

Product Family Name
Artisan Studio

Product Summary
Atego's standards-based modeling tool suite, Artisan Studio®, provides comprehensive support for the leading industry standards, including OMG SysML, UML and Architectural Frameworks.

Product Description
Artisan Studio delivers highly scalable modeling, with automated design reviews, document generation, and code synchronization for C, C++, C#, Java & Ada. Specific editions are available for Enterprise Architects, System and Software Engineers.

Product Type

Product Family Name

Product Summary
Aonix has developed Virtual Machine (VM) technologies for three complementary market segments: complex, dynamic soft real-time; deeply embedded and high-performance hard real-time; and certifiable safety critical applications.

Product Description
AonixPerc Ultra
AonixPerc Ultra is typically used for large scale applications that need to use the rich features of Standard Edition Java libraries, coupled with predictable performance. AonixPerc is a mature and proven product, not an experimental program offered by competitors—it has been field tested in more applications than any other real-time virtual machine system.

AonixPerc Pico
AonixPerc Pico is the Aonix solution specifically designed for applications with demanding requirements for small footprint, fast execution, and low level device access. Benchmarks have shown Pico applications can run as fast or faster than comparable C/C++ programs, while being fully predictable and memory efficient.

AonixPerc Raven
AonixPerc Raven carries on the long Aonix tradition of safety-critical technologies which are in use in many of the most safety intense applications operating today, including diverse avionics, space, and transportation systems where lives are on the line. AonixPerc Raven applies safety constraints which provide the basis for fulfilling safety certification requirements.

Processors Supported
Power Architecture

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Press Release:
Aonix® Announces Availability of the PERC® Ultra Virtual Machine for INTEGRITY (February 13, 2008)

North America Headquarters

5930 Cornerstone Court West
Suite 250
San Diego, CA 92121
Tel: 888-91-ATEGO (+1 888-912-8346)
F:ax +1 858-824-0212

European Headquarters

701 Eagle Tower, Montpellier Drive
Cheltenham, GL50 1TA
Tel: +44 1242-229-300
Fax: +44 1242-229-301

5-7 rue de la Gare
92130 Issy-les-Moulineaux
Tel: +33 141-461-999
Fax: +33 141-461-990

German - North
Major-Hirst-Str. 11
38442 Wolfsburg
Tel: +49 5361-897 6000
Fax: +49 5361-897 6001

Germany - South
Alte Landstr. 23, 1. OG Büro 5
D-85521 Ottobrunn, Munich
Tel: +49 8995-441-191-21
Fax: +49 8995-441-191-22

Via Walter Tobagi 1
20068 - Peschiera Borromeo
Milan, Italy
Tel: +39 02 5530 3384
Fax:+39 02 5165 7407

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