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Embedded Java application platforms

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MicroEJ offers efficient solutions to prototype, design, validate and deploy real-time Java applications for embedded systems. Engineers can develop and test their applications within a PC environment and simply 'Drag Emb' Drop'™ their portable Java application binaries to embedded targets.

Product Description
MicroEJ Software Development Kits are full featured development environments to design Java applications for embedded systems. They include an Eclipse Workbench extension and a Java Platform Kit with a selection of Java platforms for COTS and Custom hardware systems.

MicroEJ Java Platforms offer dual platforms – embedded and simulated – and a set of tools dedicated to real-time application design and testing. Simulated Java platforms are powered by an extensible software simulation engine and provide functional simulation means including hardware in the loop testing mechanisms. Embedded Java Platforms based on IS2T MicroJvm® virtual machines are Java platforms optimized for high speed execution, small memory footprint, real-time capabilities and easy integration with C/C++ legacy code.

Processors Supported
ARM architectures

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