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Product or Product Family Name
3Dlabs VPU (Visual Processing Unit) family – P9, P10, P20

Product Type
Processor (Graphics), Boards (Graphics)

Application Areas:
Safety Critical Avionics; Radar, Sonar & Signal Processing; Space; General Aerospace & Defense; Digital Video; Digital Imaging; Emerging Consumer Devices; Industrial Automation; Medical; Instrumentation

Product Summary


  • A family of sophisticated 2D/3D COTS graphics processors
  • Widely deployed and proven with industry-leading systems vendors
  • Comprehensive support program including design support and feedback
  • Long-term supply and support of silicon and software

Technical Specs:

  • 200GFLOPS and 1TeraOP processing power - for P10
  • Over 20GB/sec. memory bandwidth (256MB of 256-bit DDR memory)
  • 60M drawn polygons/sec., 1Gpixel/sec. fill rate, tri-linear mip-mapped
  • 10-bit DACs, dual analog and digital displays from a single chip
  • High-speed VIP-2 video input port

Product Description
3Dlabs’ Embedded Graphics Division supplies a family of high-performance graphics processors for demanding visual applications such as avionics displays, medical imaging and high-definition video processing. With 20 years of 2D and 3D graphics experience, 3Dlabs provides comprehensive design support, long-tern supply programs and key software partnerships to enable you with proven real-time graphics solutions. The P10 processor uses 3Dlabs ground-breaking programmable architecture to integrate over 200 32-bit processors into a single Visual Processing Unit (VPU) for a staggering 200Gflops and 1TeraOp of graphics power to provide industrial-strength 2D and 3D graphics performance, quality and functionality for OpenGL applications. Additionally, genuine programmability throughout the entire P10 pipeline provides a superset of traditional graphics processor functionality and enables embedded system architects to adapt accelerated graphics functionality to meet their specific needs, including absorbing DSP and compute tasks into the graphics subsystem. The P10 VPU integrates many architectural innovations that are critical to the embedded graphics market: an advanced, real-time multitasking architecture with a fast task-switching capability for guaranteed response, a highly innovative 16GB virtual memory subsystem shatters the limitation of on-board memory, a high-speed multi-stream digital video input and full dual independent digital display outputs with advanced 4 layer hardware overlaying.

The P9 processor uses the same proven architecture as P10 but is scaled to half the throughput for power and footprint-sensitive applications. The new-generation P20 processor doubles the performance of P10, is fully floating-point pixel capable and can drive up to four independent displays from a single device.

Processors Supported
P9 VPU (Visual Processing Unit), P10 VPU, P20 VPU

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