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INTEGRITY Security Services Misbehavior Authority Service (MAS) Completes Operational Testing

LAS VEGAS, NV — January 7, 2020 — CES 2020 — INTEGRITY Security Services (ISS) today announced the successful operational testing of the ISS Misbehavior Authority Service (MAS) with its partners Noblis, Qualcomm, Savari and Siemens Mobility at the Turner-Fairbank Highway Research Center. Noblis provided overall project coordination. Qualcomm provided a new Aerolink misbehavior detection and reporting library, and Savari and Siemens provided On-board Units (OBUs) and Roadside Units (RSUs) respectively. These tests conclusively demonstrated the ability for both OBUs and RSUs, in a real world environment, to detect misbehavior events in the V2X ecosystem, report them to the ISS MAS, and receive a certificate revocation list (CRL) which removes the misbehaving device from the ecosystem.

As the leading provider of the national SCMS Service for V2X systems, ISS is continuing to build out operational solutions to secure the V2X ecosystem to help ensure its secure and reliable operation as a safety-critical system. The ISS MAS is essential to ensuring the integrity of the information in the V2X ecosystem by removing misbehaving entities (either intentional or accidental) from the ecosystem so that vehicles and DOT traffic management centers can have confidence in the data they are receiving. Both the ISS Certificate Management Service (CMS), which provides certificates to OBUs and RSUs used in USDOT CV Pilots and other state and local V2X DSRC and C-V2X programs, and the ISS MAS, are designed to provide these services on a scalable and efficient national level. The misbehavior event criteria, misbehavior report format and the MAS API definitions are available from ISS upon request.

“The promise of the V2X ecosystem is to save lives and reduce accidents. Ensuring that the US national V2X system is secure and provides reliable data is essential. The ISS Misbehavior Authority Service is a critical component in helping to assure this,” says David Sequino, co-Founder and President of INTEGRITY Security Services. “We are pleased to offer this service nationally to state and federally funded CV Pilots and ISS CMS Subscribers.”

“Noblis was pleased to see this essential element of the V2X ecosystem deployed on OBUs and RSUs from Savari and Siemens in a real world environment and have them detect misbehavior events, create misbehavior reports, send those to the ISS MAS, and receive CRLs from the MAS in response to affirmed misbehavior,” says Justin Anderson, Senior Systems Engineer, Noblis. “Misbehavior detection and revocation is a key component of USDOT’s vision for the V2X ecosystem that is needed to protect its reliability.”

“Qualcomm’s Aerolink software underpins V2X security in many of the OBUs and RSUs used in today’s V2X ecosystem. We were pleased to work with ISS and Noblis on defining the detected misbehavior events and on providing a new misbehavior detection library for our Aerolink customers to allow them to use this important capability,” says Mark Peters, Director, Automotive Business Development, Qualcomm.

“Savari has long been committed to the development of sophisticated middleware and services for the V2X ecosystem. We were pleased to provide our MobiWave® OBUs with our full-featured V2X stack supporting misbehavior detection and reporting for this testing at Turner-Fairbank Highway Research Center,” said Paul Sakamoto, COO , Savari.

“Siemens Mobility continues to expand functionality and compliance with its industry-leading ESCos RSUs that support the reliable and secure operation of the V2X ecosystem,” says Iouri Nemirovski, US Connected Vehicle Product Manager, Siemens Mobility. “Misbehavior detection and revocation are essential elements to ensuring data provided to traffic management centers and vehicles is reliable and accurate.”

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INTEGRITY Security Services (ISS) was established to provide best practice embedded security products and infrastructure solutions for protecting smart devices from cyber security attacks. End-to-end automotive solutions range from ECU cryptographic platforms to large-scale public key management systems. As the leading V2X certificate provider, ISS operates the V2X Root CA and provides its V2X Certificate Management Service (CMS) to both DSRC and C-V2X OBUs and RSUs used in USDOT CV Pilots and other state and local DOT projects across the United States.

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