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Green Hills Software Achieves More Processor Performance Records

Optimizing Compilers Generate Highest Certified CoreMark Scores Ever Certified for ARM Architecture
Green Hills Software Optimizing Compilers Generate Highest Certified CoreMark Scores

SAN JOSE, CA — March 27, 2012 — DESIGN West/ESC 2012, Booth #1227 — Green Hills Software, the largest independent vendor of embedded software solutions, today announced the highest compiler performance scores ever certified by EEMBC® CoreMark™, outperforming the nearest competing compilers by 35.5%. Higher performing processors mean embedded device designers gain a larger performance budget on the same core, enabling them to add new features, make existing features run faster and improve user interface response time without the need to add a faster or more expensive core.

The Green Hills Compiler 2012 achieved the highest ever CoreMark/MHz score of 2.94 on the Freescale Kinetis® K60 90nm microcontroller (100 MHz). Moreover, the score is 35.5% higher than the nearest certified compiler score on the identical processor. The Green Hills compiler also outperformed its nearest competitors by 29.6% and 34.7% on the Freescale Kinetis K70 90nm MCU (120 MHz) and STMicroelectronics STM32F417IGt6 (168 MHz), respectively. Both processors use the ARM® Cortex™-M4 core.

The latest record-breaking compiler performance records achieved by MULTI® 6.0 – Compiler 2012 continues a 30-year legacy of over-achievement by Green Hills optimizing compilers in trusted public certified benchmarks such as EEMBC and in private benchmarks run by customers. The EEMBC CoreMark is designed specifically to test the functionality of a processor core and produces a single-number score enabling users to quickly compare processor core performance. Leading semiconductor processor manufacturers such as Freescale Semiconductor privately run CoreMark with specific out-of-the-box compilers and then submit their highest scores to EEMBC for certification and publishing at When the CoreMark is normalized against the processor's operating frequency (CoreMark/MHz), not only can users compare processor cores, but if different compilers are published on the same processor, then compiler performance can also be compared.

"Our customers see great value when they can tap into higher core performance on our Kinetis MCU with a readily available optimized compiler," said John Weil, segment marketing and operations manager for Freescale's Industrial Microcontroller Business. "Our popular Kinetis portfolio is designed to reduce development costs through scalable performance, integration and memory in a full range of consumer and industrial applications where maximum performance per MHz is crucial."

"Delivering performance to our customers has always been one of our key pillars of strength," commented David Kleidermacher, CTO of Green Hills Software. "For over 30 years, our compiler R&D teams have led the industry by inventing and expanding compiler optimizations across all embedded processor architectures including Power Architecture®, ARM, MIPS®, V850, Inte® Architecture and many more."

MULTI 6 – Compiler 2012 was released in September 2011. The latest update is MULTI 6.1 – Compiler 2012.1 and is available today.

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Founded in 1982, Green Hills Software is the largest independent vendor of embedded development solutions. In 2008, the Green Hills INTEGRITY-178B RTOS was the first and only operating system to be certified by NIAP (National Information Assurance Partnership comprised of NSA & NIST) to EAL6+, High Robustness, the highest level of security ever achieved for any software product. Our open architecture integrated development solutions address deeply embedded, absolute security and high-reliability applications for the military/avionics, medical, industrial, automotive, networking, consumer and other markets that demand industry-certified solutions. Green Hills Software is headquartered in Santa Barbara, CA, with European headquarters in the United Kingdom. Visit Green Hills Software at

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