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Green Hills Software Announces Optimized Tools for Renesas Electronics' New-Generation RH850 Microcontroller

Industry's First MCU with Embedded 40nm Flash Technology and Industry-Leading Optimized Development Tools Combine to Create the Best-of-Class Automotive Solution
Renesas Elctronics RH850 Microcontroll supported by Green Hills Software

SANTA BARBARA, CA and TOKYO, JAPAN — July 17, 2012 — Green Hills Software, the largest independent vendor of embedded software solutions, today announced its collaboration with Renesas Electronics Corporation, a premier provider of advanced high performance semiconductor solutions, for the development of the best-of-class automotive solution for Renesas' new RH850 family of automotive microcontrollers (MCU). Green Hills Software's MULTI® multicore debugger, optimizing compiler, TimeMachine™ suite and processor probes will target the advanced capabilities of the new RH850 core, including its high-speed floating-point unit (FPU), enhanced peripherals, and multicore debug and high-speed processor trace interfaces.

Today's automotive MCU developers are increasingly looking to satisfy functional safety requirements from ASIL (Automotive Safety Integrity Level) A to ASIL D together with lower power consumption requirements in a high-performance package. Renesas' RH850 family will include multiple application-tailored product series including advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), supported by Green Hills Software's optimizing tool chain and debugger, allowing customers to select the product that matches their specific requirements. The RH850 family will extend from single core to multicore with dual core lockstep allowing for flexible functional safety capabilities. Developers require a correspondingly reliable and highly capable set of development tools.

"Renesas' new RH850 family of MCU addresses major trends of the changing automotive market across all car segments," said Hisashi Takahashi, general manager, MCU Software division, Renesas Electronics Corporation. "Our collaboration with Green Hills Software allows us to provide our automotive customers with an optimized development suite that emphasizes the strengths of our new RH850 and meets our customers' requirements."

"By leveraging our longtime collaboration with Renesas, Green Hills Software continues to advance its platform offerings to address the demands of the automotive industry for today and tomorrow," commented Tim Reed, vice president, Advanced Products Group, Green Hills Software. "Through our ongoing cooperation, we again bring unparalleled performance, reliability, and advanced debugging capabilities to Renesas' newest MCU, the RH850 family of MCUs."

Optimized for Performance and Small Code Size
The longtime collaboration between Renesas and Green Hills Software has produced industry-leading optimizing compilers that offer tailored optimization for the RH850 family of MCUs. The Green Hills Software tools employ thousands of processor-independent and processor-dependent optimizations, including advanced techniques such as an advance dual-issue pipeline scheduler, inter-procedural optimizations, link-time automatic addressing mode optimization and code factoring. The result is technology that generates the fastest and smallest code for the RH850 family.

Complete Integrated Development Environment
The MULTI integrated development environment (IDE) leverages 30 years of embedded software development expertise to provide developers an integrated package of tools they need to create reliable software efficiently.

The MULTI IDE for Renesas' RH850 family offers integrated development, debug and programming tools, including AUTOSAR operating system awareness, which gives the user visibility into objects and tasks and system state; single core and multicore build and debugging for bare-board (no OS) applications; flash programming for on-chip flash; new multicore instruction set simulator (ISS) with support for Renesas' RH850's hyper-threading capabilities; performance profiler; project builder; code coverage; run-time error checking; MISRA C adherence wizard; DoubleCheck™ integrated static code analyzer; and Green Hills target debug agents for Renesas' on-chip debugging and in-circuit emulators.

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