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Green Hills and Allegro Software Deliver the Industry’s First Commercial-Grade Media Server Reference Solution

Built on Proven Platform for Secure Networking and Leading Commercial DLNA/UPnP Technology – Running on the Freescale PowerQUICC™ Architecture

FREESCALE TECHNOLOGY FORUM, ORLANDO, FL —June 27, 2007—Green Hills Software, Inc., the technology leader in device software optimization (DSO) and real-time operating systems (RTOS), and Allegro Software Development Corporation, the leading provider of commercial DLNA/UPnP solutions, today announced the availability of a complete media server reference solution running on the Freescale MPC8349E-mITX reference platform. Based on each company’s mature, widely deployed commercial software, this new reference solution accelerates the development process while reducing product time-to-market by supporting a proven, scalable platform for use in next-generation media server designs.

“With over 50% of the home networks to be media-enabled by 2009, the need for a powerful, integrated reference platform for this cost-sensitive market is clear,” said Nikolay Guenov of Freescale’s Networking Systems Division. “Developers of next-generation media server products can expect that the combined hardware/software solution from Green Hills and Allegro will be engineered to deliver reliable, DLNA-compliant media server capabilities while reducing the time it takes to bring these new designs to market.”

“In the competitive home media server market it is key to address time-to-market,” commented Robert Van Andel, president of Allegro Software Development Corporation. “By providing widely deployed, field-proven DLNA/UPnP-compliant software for our joint reference solution, our customers will be able to achieve significant reductions in the time it takes to receive DLNA certification for their end products, resulting in faster product availability compared to using other DLNA/UPnP solutions.”

The Green Hills Software / Allegro Software Media Server Reference Solution consists of the following components:

  • MULTI integrated development environment and TimeMachine tool suite – providing the industry leading tool set for embedded software developers
  • Green Hills C/C++compilers for Power Architecture – generating the fastest and smallest code in the industry
  • INTEGRITY royalty-free real-time operating system – providing industry leading performance and the ultimate in security and reliability
  • Complete Board Support Package for the Freescale MPC8349E-mITX reference platform
  • Integrated middleware support for TCP/IP v4/v6, networking security (IPSec/IKE, SSL, SSH) and advanced file system support for wear leveling flash, ATA and SATA devices
  • Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) / Universal Plug and Play (UPnP)
  • Green Hills Probe – providing reliable and efficient debugging using the microprocessor’s JTAG port

The Green Hills Platform for Secure Networking forms the foundation of this solution and provides the ultimate in security and reliability,” states Dan Mender, director of business development, Green Hills Software. “By compartmentalizing and protecting the various components that make up this integrated software solution, developers can customize and deliver reliable, cost-effective media server products in record time and provide a seamless environment for sharing digital media.”

About the Freescale MPC8349E Processor
The MPC8349E PowerQUICC® II Pro processor integrates the enhanced e300 Power Architecture™ core and advanced features such as DDR memory, dual PCI, Gigabit Ethernet and high-speed USB controllers. The MPC8349E supports dual 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet controllers, dual 32-bit/single 64-bit PCI controllers, integrated security engines, USB 2.0 host and device controllers, 4-channel DMA, DUART, serial peripherals, general purpose I/O and system timers. The MPC8349E also integrates a hardware encryption block that supports different algorithms for high-performance data authentication as required for secure communications in the NAS market. It supports DES, 3DES, MD-5, SHA-1, AES, PKEU, RNG and RC-4 encryption algorithms in hardware. The MPC8349E device's high level of integration helps reduce system cost, improves performance and simplifies board design.

The Media Server Reference Solution running on the MPC8349E-mITX hardware platform is available today from Green Hills Software.

About Allegro
Allegro Software Development Corporation is the premier provider of UPnP networking and device management technologies specifically targeted at embedded Internet applications. Since 1996, Allegro has been a force in the evolution of device management solutions with its RomPager embedded web server toolkit. Now also an active contributor to UPnP / DLNA initiatives, Allegro supplies a range of UPnP toolkits that offer portability, easy integration and full compliance with UPnP device specifications. Allegro is headquartered in Boxborough, MA.

About Green Hills Software
Founded in 1982, Green Hills Software, Inc. is the technology leader in device software optimization (DSO) and real-time operating systems (RTOS) for 32- and 64-bit embedded systems. Our royalty-free INTEGRITY® and velOSity™ real-time operating systems, µ-velOSity™ microkernel, compilers, MULTI® and AdaMULTI™ integrated development environments and TimeMachine™ tool suite offer a complete development solution that addresses both deeply embedded and high-reliability applications. Green Hills Software is headquartered in Santa Barbara, CA, with European headquarters in the United Kingdom. Visit Green Hills Software on the web at

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