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Green Hills Software Announces Enhanced Platform for Software Defined Radio

Leading SDR Solution Adds Development Tools and Operating Environments
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SDR FORUM 2006, ORLANDO, FL—November 14, 2006
Green Hills Software Inc., the technology leader in device software optimization (DSO) and real-time operating systems (RTOS), today announced that its mature, industry-leading Platform for Software Defined Radio (SDR) has been significantly enhanced through a broad range of technology integrations and partnerships, resulting in substantial new customer adoption. The Green Hills Platform for SDR continues to deliver support for the broadest range of SDR designs that require options for platform scalability, waveform development and debug, and integrated reference and deployment platforms.

This SDR platform was recently used in the successful live flight demonstration of network-centric operations for the Airborne, Maritime and Fixed Stations (AMF) component of the military's Joint Tactical Radio Systems (JTRS). Numerous additional design wins for traditional SDR government radios (JTRS), space-based SDR programs and commercial SDR efforts highlight the broad adoption of Green Hills SDR Platform as the standard for SDR development worldwide.

"Software Defined Radio technology is rapidly moving from military-only to a broad range of commercial markets worldwide," commented Dr. Jerry Krasner, principal analyst of Embedded Market Forecasters. "As EMF was one of the first embedded research firms to track SDR for the military, we find that Green Hills Software’s secure, reliable, royalty-free RTOS’s coupled with its market experience and breadth of partnerships make them a superior choice for companies developing SDR products.”

The Green Hills Platform for Software Defined Radio includes the INTEGRITY royalty-free real-time operating system, the only POSIX.1-conformant RTOS certified by the IEEE to the latest POSIX 1003.1 standard; the new GHNet v2 dual-mode IPv4/v6 networking stack; industry leading CORBA integrations; numerous, industry-proven SCA core frameworks; advanced waveform development tools; and a wide range of integrated reference platforms to help move from concept to deployment as fast as possible.

The Green Hills SDR Platform has been enhanced to offer:

Complete Reference Platforms:

  • Spectrum Signal Processing – complete JTRS radio platforms
  • Lyrtech – Small Form Factor Software Defined Radio (SDR) Development Platform for SCA and non-SCA radios
  • SCA Technica – High Assurance Wireless Computing System (HAWCS)
  • ISR – JTRS SDR kit

SCA Operating Environment (OE) and Development Tools:

  • The Communications Research Centre Canada (CRC) - SCARI Software Suite – development tools and OE
  • PrismTech – Spectra Tools and OE
  • Zeligsoft – Waveform development tools
  • Harris – Domain Management ToolKit (dmTK®) SCA OE
  • Objective Interface Systems – ORBexpress Real-Time CORBA
  • Telelogic (formerly I-Logix) – Rhapsody Model Driven Development (UML 2.0)
SCA development tools and SDR Operating Environment
Green Hills is also working closely with industry leaders, Texas Instruments and Xilinx, to deliver optimized software support for these companies’s high-performance, low-cost, low-power, configurable processor technologies which are the basis for many SDR device designs today.

“We are pleased to see broad acceptance worldwide for the development of next-generation radio systems with the Green Hills Platform for Software Defined Radio,” commented Dan O’Dowd, founder and chief executive officer of Green Hills Software. “These customer selections and added support of Green Hills Software back our technology leadership and our commitment in delivering complete industry-leading platform solutions for this emerging market.”

Whether you require an SDR operating environment that is compliant with the SCA v2.2 operating environment (JTRS) or a proven SDR platform that can scale to support the demands of consumer to public safety and beyond, Green Hills Platform for Software Defined Radio delivers complete solutions to develop and deploy secure, reliable software defined radio technology in the least amount of time at the lowest cost.

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Notable Quotes for Software Defined Radio Platform

"SCA Technica's patent-pending High Assurance Wireless Computing System (HAWCS™) architecture needed a secure RTOS using hardware-protected separation kernel technology to safeguard wireless computers and software defined radios against blended network attacks. In a recently completed trade study, the Green Hills MILS certifiable separation kernel, INTEGRITY, received strong endorsement from government evaluators and was chosen as the HAWCS™ operating system. HAWCS architecture prevents network threats from performing malicious reconfiguration or denial of service (DOS) attacks against software defined radios and mobile platforms using embedded wireless and wired network interfaces. In a version of HAWCS designed for Type 1 certifiable encryption systems, we use INTEGRITY on both the Red and Black modem processors."
David K. Murotake, Ph.D., President of SCA Technica Inc.

"Lyrtech needed a proven POSIX-conformant, secure and reliable RTOS for its Small Form Factor SDR Development Platform. Selecting Green Hills’ royalty-free INTEGRITY RTOS was a natural choice based on its broad success in the SDR market worldwide. The breadth of SDR development tools and middleware integration with INTEGRITY enables rapid development-to-deployment for users of this industry’s unprecedented GPP-DSP-FPGA-based radio development platform."
Benoit Fleury, Vice President, Marketing of Lyrtech

“Software Defined Radio developers are faced with addressing increased complexity, while balancing time-to-market and waveform portability. By integrating Zeligsoft Component Enabler (CE) with the industry leading SDR Platform from Green Hills, our customers can develop and deliver SCA-compliant portable waveforms in record time.”
Kamal Krishnapillai, VP Sales and Marketing of Zeligsoft

“Expansion in advanced SDR programs in the government and commercial sectors is taking place worldwide. Our Rhapsody integration with INTEGRITY and MULTI and our partnership with Green Hills Software, the leading SDR platform provider, allow customers to significantly reduce their time-to-market while delivering secure, reliable SDR radios.”
George LeBlanc, VP of Marketing and Business Development at Telelogic

“Green Hills’ royalty-free INTEGRITY is the ideal real-time operating system for the Small Form Factor SDR Development Platform we created with Lyrtech and Texas Instruments. This is the first RF-to-baseband platform that’s SCA-enabled with a GPP, DSP and FPGA CORBA ORB. The security and high-performance of the Green Hills POSIX-conformant RTOS is key to enabling reliable waveform execution and radio reconfiguration.”
Manuel Uhm, Senior Marketing Manager for the DSP Division at Xilinx

"Green Hills has achieved a leadership position in the software defined radio market through its commitment to excellence and the success of its customers. Objective Interface is pleased to have its industry-leading ORBexpress software support virtually every MULTI/INTEGRITY platform. Green Hills’ excellence in engineering is matched by its outstanding support, and we are delighted to be a long-term strategic partner of Green Hills Software."
Joe Jacob, Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing of Objective Interface Systems

"PrismTech is pleased to have Green Hills Software Inc. as a technology partner for our end-to-end Spectra SDR development and deployment environment. Our tool integrations with products such as MULTI lower both the cost and risk associated with the development of complex SDR systems. PrismTech is thus delighted to offer such integrations to our customers along with our Spectra OE (<2Mb SCA core framework and ORB) pre-integrated with the INTEGRITY RTOS. Together PrismTech and GHS provide a complete solution for SCA developers; from the vendors with the most SDR experience."
Dominick Paniscotti, VP SDR Products, PrismTech Corporation

“Tomorrow’s portable SDR systems are becoming increasingly complex, demanding high-performance, low power leakage and the adaptability to support more than 30 different protocols. As the only development solution specifically designed for portable SDR handsets, the Small Form Factor SDR Development Platform from TI and Lyrtech offers the ability to integrate Green Hills’ INTEGRITY RTOS because it provides developers a flexible environment that is widely adopted in the market.”
Ram Sathappan, SDR Marketing Manager, Texas Instruments

“CRC and Green Hills have been long-time partners in the development of commercial off-the-shelf solutions for the Software Communications Architecture (SCA). By having INTEGRITY certified IEEE POSIX-conformant to the latest standard, the Green Hills SDR platform enables the development of portable applications – a key requirement for SDR. By fusing our core competencies, CRC, Green Hills and third-party hardware vendors can offer to radio manufacturers fully-integrated, top-quality development environments that will greatly reduce their time-to-market.”
Claude Bélisle, Vice-President of Satellite Communications and Radio Propagation,
Communications Research Centre (CRC)

“ISR Technologies has utilized Green Hills’ INTEGRITY as the operating system within its JTRS SDR Kit. INTEGRITY has proven to be a very stable and comprehensive platform while providing the performance demanded by high-bandwidth commercial and military SDR systems.”
Dr. Jean Belzile, Chief Technology Officer of ISR Technologies

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