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Green Hills Software Announces Industrial Safety Certification INTEGRITY and velOSity Certified to IEC-61508 Safety Standard
SANTA BARBARA, CA — July 5, 2006—Green Hills Software, Inc., the technology leader in device software optimization (DSO) and real-time operating systems (RTOS), today announced that its INTEGRITY and velOSity royalty-free real-time operating systems have been certified by TÜV to Safety Integrity Level 3 (SIL3) of the IEC-61508 safety standard. SIL3 is the highest assurance level achievable for an individual software component, such as an operating system.

The certified INTEGRITY and velOSity operating systems form the core of the Green Hills Platform for Industrial Safety, a comprehensive solution comprised of tools, operating systems, services, and middleware aimed at reliability-critical industrial control and automation systems. By utilizing the certified common kernel and support systems, customers will reduce the cost to develop and time to certify their end products.

“Exida is one of the world’s leading consulting and certification authorities for IEC-61508. Our customers have been asking for years for a commercial, off-the-shelf 61508 certified real-time operating system that can sustain general purpose as well as safety-critical applications on a single computer,” commented Dr. William Goble, principal partner of Exida. “This is of great value to device makers in the oil and gas, petrochemical, chemical, automotive, machine, nuclear, power, and other industries, as it provides a robust development platform that reduces safety risk, development cost, and time-to-market. I applaud Green Hills for making the commitment and substantial investment to reach this impressive milestone.”

The Green Hills approach permits developers to incorporate applications of varying safety integrity levels on the same computer, utilizing INTEGRITY’s strict memory-protection and resource-partitioning capabilities to separate safety critical functions from the rest of the system. This provides additional flexibility and results in reduced overall system complexity and certification cost. And for developers of simpler devices running on processors without an MMU, the certified velOSity operating system can be employed.

“Too much of our critical infrastructure, including water, chemical, and electrical plants and systems, relies on computers run by insecure, non-certifiable operating systems. Our society needs a path to improved security, safety and reliability. The Green Hills Platform for Industrial Safety provides this path,” commented David Kleidermacher, chief technology officer, Green Hills Software.

This latest certification adds to Green Hills Software operating systems’ long history and pedigree of use in electronic products requiring the highest levels of reliability and assurance. In addition to being certified to DO-178B Level A for flight-critical avionics and being used in FDA/CDRH Class II and III life-critical medical devices, INTEGRITY is the first operating system currently undergoing security evaluation at an assurance level EAL6+ of the Common Criteria, the highest level ever for any operating system.

“As experts in high-reliability and fault-tolerant solutions for the automation market, we saw the need for advanced operating system technology and tools in our next-generation technology development. We selected the Green Hills Platform for Industrial Safety, because we believe that it is the best solution available to help us build products with the highest level of reliability, best performance, lowest cost, and fastest time-to-market,” said Gerry Creech, research & development manager of ICS Triplex.

About IEC-61508

The IEC-61508 standard is commonly used internationally by regulatory bodies for safety certification of industrial control, automation and automotive systems. IEC-61508 is gaining acceptance in other industries as well. IEC-61508 covers the entire software development life cycle and places a strong emphasis on analyzing and mitigating safety hazards, enforcement of a rigorous quality management system, and extremely thorough verification and validation.

About TÜV

TÜV NORD CERT GmbH is a TÜV CERT certification body. The organization focuses on comprehensive certifications and validations based on international specifications and standards. TÜV is the internationally recognized certification authority for the IEC-61508 safety standard.


Green Hills Platform for Industrial Safety, including the IEC-61508 certified INTEGRITY and velOSity operating systems, safety manual, certification report and copy of the certification itself are available today on a wide variety of microprocessor architectures. IEC-61508 certification artifacts, including design, planning, and verification documentation, along with a Confidence from Use report for the Green Hills MULTI IDE and compilers are optionally available today as well.

About Green Hills Software

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