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Green Hills Software Announces Landmark POSIX Certification

INTEGRITY Workstation First Desktop and Enterprise Class System to Be Certified POSIX.1 Conformant Under the IEEE and The Open Group POSIX ® Certification Program

Systems & Software Technology Conference (SSTC), Salt Lake City, UT —May 1, 2006 — Green Hills Software, Inc., the market leader in safe and secure operating systems, today announced that its INTEGRITY Workstation operating system is the first desktop and enterprise class system to be certified to a product standard based on the latest edition of IEEE 1003.1, “Standard for Information Technology—Portable Operating System Interface (POSIX).” INTEGRITY Workstation joins the Green Hills Software INTEGRITY real-time operating system (RTOS), used in embedded systems, as the first operating systems to be certified under “POSIX®: Certified by IEEE and The Open Group” program. INTEGRITY Workstation has been certified to the 1003.1™- 2003 System Interfaces Product Standard and is listed on the certification register at

“We congratulate Green Hills Software on becoming the first supplier of a desktop and enterprise class system to be certified under our program,” said Andrew Josey, director of certification for The Open Group and chair of IEEE Std. 1003.1. “It's a significant achievement to meet the 1003.1-2003 System Interfaces Product Standard. The fact that Green Hills has now certified both embedded and enterprise class systems shows the broad applicability of the POSIX standards.”

“Green Hills Software recognizes the tremendous value that POSIX provides, both to our customers and to their customers,” commented Dan O’Dowd, founder and CEO of Green Hills Software. “In 2004, Green Hills Software took a leadership position in becoming the first vendor to achieve conformance certification to the latest POSIX standard. Soon after, a variety of embedded operating system vendors announced plans to achieve conformance. Almost two years later, these other vendors have yet to release conformant products while we have now extended our POSIX technology to desktop and enterprise class computing platforms.”

The Leader in Safe and Secure Operating System Technology

Green Hills Software’s INTEGRITY is the only commercially developed operating system to be certified by in-house experts as a part of integrated modular avionics (IMA) systems by the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to the stringent DO-178B Level A, the highest level of safety in which a system failure may be catastrophic. INTEGRITY is also the first operating system to begin Common Criteria security evaluation at EAL6+, a level of assurance that has never been achieved by any other operating system ( The same operating system technology forms the basis for INTEGRITY Workstation which was developed for next generation secure desktop and server applications, such as multi-level secure PCs for the military and intelligence communities, IT systems such as SCADA that are critical to homeland security, and financial banking systems.

The Universal Operating System

INTEGRITY’s flexible architecture enables it to scale from small-footprint embedded devices all the way up to enterprise class servers. Secure, POSIX-compliant applications can be developed or easily ported to INTEGRITY. In addition, INTEGRITY Workstation incorporates Green Hills Software’s award-winning Padded Cell technology, which enables multiple legacy operating systems and applications, including Windows XP, Linux, and UNIX, to be run in secure partitions on the same computer. Unlike other virtual machine technologies, Padded Cell never runs a single line of virtual machine or guest operating system code in the supervisor mode of the microprocessor, ensuring that secure applications can not be subverted or denied service, even if other parts of the system are connected to the Internet and subjected to its associated hackers and worms. The resulting platform enables systems designers to build the most security-critical applications and run them alongside familiar operating environments such as Windows, saving cost, space, size, weight, and power over multiple hardware platforms.

IEEE Std. 1003.1 System Interfaces

The IEEE Std. 1003.1 (POSIX.1) System Interfaces define a portable Application Programming Interface (API) to an operating system. There are over 1,000 functions in the POSIX.1 System Interfaces, encompassing multitasking, inter-process communication, I/O, file system access, exception handling, timers, access control, and standard programming and math facilities. Application software written to adhere to the POSIX.1 System Interfaces can run on any computer with a conformant operating system, regardless of the operating system’s underlying implementation or the computer’s hardware architecture.

POSIX Certification

The “POSIX: Certified by IEEE and The Open Group” program is the official program for certification to the IEEE POSIX standards. Certification allows operating system suppliers to substantiate claims of POSIX conformance based on defined test suites. Certification also assures buyers that the products they specify and procure meet the standard and are warranted by the vendor to do so. “POSIX: Certified by IEEE and The Open Group” certification is widely supported and accepted by government and other major procurers of IT devices.


INTEGRITY Workstation runs on commercial, off-the-shelf (COTS) PC-compatible platforms. For specific availability information, contact

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